Saturday, July 18, 2015

Deck Tech: Deny Eradicator

Hey hi, Psychosnake here. It's been a really long time (2 years) since I've updated this blog. Main reasons are because at that period of time, I wasn't really enjoying the game as much as I used to and the motivation to update the blog dissolves in the process. That and irl stuff kept me busy from actually updating this blog and play the actual card game irl.

However, I have been keeping up with the expansions and have played games on Cardfight area to test builds. That and increased interest in the game plus more content to share with you guys. Expect to see more updates from the blog form now on.,_Buwer

For those who don't know what Bewer does, it tutors a Limit Break unit at the cost of retiring itself when it hits the Vanguard. It is a significant boost for older deck types which rely on the Limit Break mechanic. It is still debatable whether most decks that have an established optimal lineup can make room for this unit alone.

Also, Bewer makes 4G3.dek much more viable than it is before, featuring one of the strongest Limit Break units to have hit the competitive scene.