Saturday, March 31, 2012

Last episode of season 1

Aichi: 2 triggers to pass
*after twin drive*
Ren: All mid!
*after damage check*
Aichi: Yes! 6th-damage heal!

*Aichi proceeds to drawing the only card in his deck to reverse the situation*

This is Cardfight!! Vanguard

Thursday, March 29, 2012

BT06 stuff: Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion

Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion
Grade 3/Narukami - Thunder Dragon/11000 Power/No Shield
Activate (Vanguard, Limit Break 4): [Counter Blast 3 Cards] During this Turn, this Unit gains 2000 Power, and this Unit can attack every Unit in the front row with 1 attack.
Continuous (Vanguard/Rearguard): If you have a non <<Narukami>> Vanguard or Rearguard, this Unit loses 2000 Power.

Strong? Yes. Game-breaking? No. DKV just smashes MOMENTUM and is considered a defensive card, paired with it's 11000 power.

If you're looking for game-breaking stuff in BT06, go and play Gold Paladins (unless Angel Feather can provide something of the same level in terms of power)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

BT06 stuff: Wall Breaking

That is all.

I will blog further about it once there are much better KKA scans on the net.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

BT06 stuff: Captain Night Kid?

Captain Night Kid
Grade 0 / Power 5000 / Shield 10000

Possibly a new starter for Grand Blue? It would be great if this is their new starter for a new ride chain , probably involving Captain Nightmist, (Amber,BlauKruger, Giraffa etc) or possibly an exclusive ride chain for the Grand Blue clan (eg. Riverie)

I'm more interested in the relationship of
Captain Night Kid with Captain Nightmist. Time to stock up on Captain Nightmist.

Or it could be a trigger? Meh...

"Credits to Kumacard for the scans"

Friday, March 9, 2012

Majin Soldat and Relentless Sutherland

That awkward moment when you realise that by paying the restraint cost of Majin Soldat, Sutherland can reach the same power by paying that cost.

Bermuda △ overview 2: Pacifica

Continuous 【V】: During your turn, if you have 4 or more 《Bermuda △》 units in your (R), this unit gets Power +3000.
Auto 【V】: At the start of your Main Phase, Soulcharge (1), draw 1 card, then select 1 card in your hand and place it at the bottom of your deck.
Auto 【V/R】: [Soul Blast (8), Counter Blast (5)] When this unit's attack hits, you may pay the cost. If paid, search up to 3 《Bermuda △》 from your deck and Call them to separate (R).

Pacifica's Soul Charge:

 "...At the start of your Main Phase, Soulcharge (1), draw 1 card, then select 1 card in your hand and place it at the bottom of your deck..."

Yes, you can filter your hand to stuff triggers back to your deck but it's nothing more than an underpowered CEO Amaterasu. Still, the drawing ability supplies you with units for you to make effective attacks, something CEO Amaterasu cannot do.

Speaking of stuffing triggers to the bottom of your deck, players can also play the Tsukuyomi style of memorizing the position of triggers at the bottom of your deck. Even though you can speed up the process of deck thinning by the effects of cards like Carine and Rio (SC1, Draw 1), why would you wait for 10-13 turn when the deck is capable of winning earlier than that? Another alternative is to shuffle your deck so that the triggers will not be at the bottom and will be well distributed throughout the deck. One of the ways to do this is to use her MegaBlast to thin your deck of non-triggers, while increasing your trigger ratio in the deck.

Pacifica's MegaBlast:

"...When this unit's attack hits, you may pay the cost. If paid, search up to 3 《Bermuda △》 from your deck and Call them to separate (R)..."

Her MegaBlast allows the player to perform a total of 5 attacks if he plays his cards right. Then again, restraining yourself from using counterblast effects of Carine, Rio and Serum just for the sake of this effect really takes away what a Bermuda triangle deck is truly capable of. And looking at the deck thinning capabilities of the deck, using the MegaBlast puts the user in the risk of decking out.

How to play Pacifica?

Memorising triggers and increasing trigger ratio:
Start with Godhawk Ichiboyoshi and get the first 15 cards to the bottom of your deck. Then begin stuffing triggers to the bottom of your deck using Pacifica. If all goes, well you can reach the "region" by your turn 7-10 instead of reaching it by turn 13. You can choose to use or not to use her MegaBlast since reaching 8 souls is no problem in this deck. Just remember the number of cards you've sent to the bottom of your deck. You can play Lozenge magus to shuffle your deck and distribute the triggers evenly throughout your deck but play her at your own risk.

But seriously, if you wanna play something like this, might as well use CEO Amaterasu and go for a pure OTT deck.

Utilizing the Soul:
Using SoulBlast effects to bounce cards like Carine and Rio to gain card advantage is another way to play the deck. Too bad the G3 lineup probably has no space for Serum. Even when Pacifica is boosted by Tirenno, the lineup is able to reach 18000, which is considered okay.

Pure Pressure:
Use Pacifica's SC ability to filter your hand and keep pressuring your opponent's with units. Use the Pearl Sisters to apply pressure early game. Carine and Rio can be included here as well since there is no restriction in terms of counterblast usage. Top Idol Flores can be included to add more "bounce" elements in the deck. Serum to reach 20-21k.

Personal Opinion on Pacifica:
Other than her MegaBlast, her SoulCharging effect synergises well with Flores and Tirenno to trigger effects of Carine and Rio to gain card advantage. It's a more fluid and less sacky deck than the Riverie set.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Looking into Doom Bringer Gryphon

Doom Bringer Gryphon
Grade 0/Boost/Kagero/High Beast/5000/10000-Guard
ACT 【R】: [Counter Blast (1) & Choose two of your «Kagero» RG, and retire them.] Search your deck for up to one card named "Dragonic Overlord The End", reveal it to your opponent, put it into your hand, and shuffle your deck.

Lose 2 cards? CB1? Sounds like Aleph and BFD superior ride, just that you don't actually get a twin drive for that turn and don't exactly get any additional benefits the other 2 offer. On the contrary, you can run it without limiting your deck-building space and it is searchable. Sounds good?

At first glance , it's not appealing because of the -1 generated from this card [-2(RG)+1(DOTE) = -1] but people seemed to forget about the advantage generated by what you call "Lizard Soldier Conroe"So, putting the two together and you'll get a starter that is something like this:

[inserts cool VG name]
Grade 0/Boost/Kagero/???/5000/10000-Guard
ACT : [Counter Blast (1), Discard 1 Kagero Unit, move this card from soul to Drop Zone.] Search your deck for up to one card named "Dragonic Overlord The End", reveal it to your opponent, put it into your hand, and shuffle your deck.

In short, it is a Stardust Trumpeter which allows you to get "Dragonic Overlord The End" at the cost of 1 CB. But instead of designing a new starter, the designers of the game decided not to take way the good Kagero starter "Lizard Runner Conroe" and instead gives you the option to waste 1 card slot in your deck to include this strategy , which is to get that extra DOTE for late game beater at the cost of taking away 1 card generated by Conroe. Not to mention deck thinning :O (which pales in comparison to Royal Paladin)

Suddenly Pongal seems godlike...

So is it worth playing in a Kagero deck running DOTE? I'm a bit iffy on this. I'll probably test this out with 1 copy

Insane Tech Paladin

Just a deck idea that I've been playing around with in BYOND. Adding more deck-thinning elements to a deck which already has an extensive search engine. The idea was to use Beast Knight Garmall and Akane's effects to set up your field (thining your deck) while using Chappie as Guard (thus sending another Chappie from your deck) to further thin your deck. Reduce the number of G3's played and compensate with Pongal's ability (to search for SSD) to make space for Chappie. The balance won't be disturbed as Pongals are also treated as SSD's in the opening hand. A sample Decklist would look something like this:

2 Soul Saver Dragon
2 Fang of Light, Garmall
[2 more G3 if you play 2 Chappie only]

4 Beast Knight Garmall
3-4 Hi-Dog Breeder Akane
[4-5 More G2s]

3-4 Pongal
3-4 Snogal
2-4 Flash Shield Isolde
[1-5 more G1]

[2 or 4] Chappie the Ghost
4 Margal
2 Weapons Dealer Govannon
[10 more Triggers]
1 Bleugal

I chose not to include Palomides since I'm playing so little G3s. 6 Draw triggers to sustain hand. The rest of the triggers is up to the player (Crits preferably). I might drop 1 heal trigger for a critical . But I provided a template instead of a decklist so that I wouldn't want to set a build in stone. Have fun~

*Note: Tried to include Chappie in Kagero but failed horribly*

Thunder Break Dragon

Thunder Break Dragon
Grade 3/Twin drive/10k
[A]{V} LIMIT BREAK:[LB4]=[If you have 4 or more damage], when this unit attacks the Vanguard, during this battle this unit gains power+5000
[A](CB2) when this unit comes to play as {V} you may the cost. If so, Choose 1 of the opponent's grade 2 or lower rear guard and retire it.
 Next Strongest Vanguard in the game?