Thursday, July 26, 2012

BT08 stuff: Dimension Police!

Here's a link to the new Dimension Police cards that will be appearing in BT08 for reference.

"Dimensional Robo" Deck

Well, DP players can push aside their Enigman Storm and make way for an even more consistent 11k unit. Ultimate dimensional Robo Great Daiyusha, Great Daiyusha in short, is the first unit to get both a Limit Break as well as being a cross ride unit for Super Dimensional Robo Daiyusha. Probably too much to squeeze into a single card, don't you think? It becomes a 13k VG like DOTE while you have Daiyusha in soul and becomes a 15k attacker, like other standard  LBers, when you activate it's Limit Break (3 or more Dimension Robo in soul).

The good thing about him is that you have alternate ways to achieve a 13k attacker status. Players can go the normal route of cross-riding, making him a 13k on both turns, or use Goyusha's superior ride to meet the LB conditions to make him a 13k attacker. If you're lucky, you can ride "Dimension Robo" units all the way up to the Great Daiyusha to meet both cross-ride and LB conditions.

Other support the "Dimension Robo" deck offers would be Goyusha a +1 starter that allows the player to superior ride by sending 4  "Dimension Robo" units on the field to soul. Excluding Goyusha, that makes 3 additional cards to be sent to soul. Although the cost is high, it helps if you do not have a Grade 3 in hand.

A cool thing to do is superior ride to Daiyusha, while soulcharging 2 Daimarina/Daibattles in the process. From here, send the 2 unit s from soul to the drop zone to give Daiyusha +6000, enough to trigger it's +1 critical. If you start first, swinging 16k with a +1 critical in a deck running  8 crits is dangerous. Imagine getting a double crit with this skill xD

The rest of the support includes a second Critical trigger (yes!) a Burning Horn clone, and a much more cost-effective Cosmobeak, though it is restricted to "Dimension Robo" units only. The support is enough to push this deck to a high tier.

Enigman Cyclone!

Enigman Cyclone
G3 / POWER: 10000 / GUARD: 0
[Auto](V): At the start of your battle phase if this unit has POWER 14000 this unit gets <[Auto](V): If this unit's attack hits a VG, select up to 1 of your opponent's RG, retire it> until end of turn.

A downsized version of Amber Dragon Eclipse, but it is certainly interesting.With CosmoBeak's help and the appropriate boost for Cyclone, the opponent has 2 options:

1) To guard with 20k for 2 triggers to pass/Null it
2) To take the hit and lose the rear guard

Normally most players would take option 1, but they will be losing 2 cards. CB2 to force the opponent to drop 2 cards sounds much better than CB2 to retire 1 unit. So if you have enough units for the next turn, I suggest taking option 2, to save hand and take it as a Berserk Dragon/Blaster Blade effect.

but what if we add Commander Laurel into the mix? It'll be:

1) To guard with 20k for 2 triggers to pass/Null it
2) To take the hit, lose a unit and see the opponent get 2 more drive checks.

The synergy with Laurel is good. However, it works if you have Cyclone as VG ,the need for the power boost and meeting Laurel's conditions. Doesn't sound appealing anymore lol. I'll still give it a try as a Rogue deck.

They're also getting a Spark Kid Dragoon Clone, which will probably see more play in Rain and Cyclone decks. Other than that, nothing else seems that appealing. 

Now I'll wait for BYOND to update the cardpool, or I have to resort to proxies irl to test D:

BT08 stuff: Aqua Force - Storm Rider Bashir

Storm rider Bashir
G2 / POWER: 8000 / GUARD: 5000
[Auto](R): When this unit attacks and you have a AquaForce VG this unit gets POWER+2000 if this is it's 1st battle during this turn, during the beginning of this battle's close step select a unit on the same column as this unit and swap them (The positions of the units will not change)

This will probably be one of the cards that would make me jump into Aqua Force.

Normally, the minimal lineup for late game would be:
O represents circles occupied by units. The VG will attack and the opponent(4 damage) will guard 15k(in most cases) and the AqF player would pass the critical trigger to the next coloumn, to force in another 15k guard.

Now this is where Bashir comes in:
Bashir attacks and opponent's RG (probably an intercept), withering the opponent of a 5k guard. From here, Bashir will swap places with the attacking unit behind it, and that attacking unit will proceed to attacking the other intercept, taking away yet another 5k guard. You can also tech in a Tejas and proceed to sniping a backrow before using it as an intercept. Then just apply usual pressure with the other 2 coloumns.

The downside to this is if the opponent has a wall of 11k (Asura/Azure, DOTE etc) to shut him down. Other than that, it's such a cool card~


I just realised that  Bashir needs to attack the VG. Now, the card doesn't look that good anymore =_=

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Aqua Force: Naval Geyser Dragon

Naval Geyser Dragon / ネイブルゲイザー・ドラゴン
Grade 3 / Twin Drive/ 10000
Megallanica/Aqua Force/Tear Dragon
ACT【V】: Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage): [Counter Blast (2)] Until end of turn, this unit gets Power +3000, gets "AUTO【V】: When this unit's attack hits the vanguard, if the number of battles during that turn is three or more, choose up to two «Aqua Force» rear-guards, and Stand them".
AUTO【V】: When this unit attacks, if the number of battles during that turn is three or more, this unit gets Power +3000 until the end of the battle.

At first, my reaction was that this card was unusually strong for a card in a TD. However, I retracted that thought once I remembered Garmore of the Gold Paladin Clan.

To me , this is a more powered up version of Lion Heat, accompanied with much more power. It's On-Hit ability makes this card threatening mid-game, making the opponent lose cards to stop it's Limit Break, not to mention this being a Mid-to-Late game bridge with the extra 1/2 attacks. This card also reminds me of Amber Dragon Eclipse, whereby the cost and conditions to activate their effect are almost the same. However, what Eclipse lacks as compared to Naval Geyser is that geyser has a massive power Boost of +6000, making it much harder to guard against.

After some Great nature testing:

School Hunter, Leopard is so strong
Loop the Loop, Duckbill is so strong
Grade 4 is Broken. Seriously, free Waterfowl?
Explosion Scientist, Bunta is so troll

That is all.

Time to see if Arms Instructor Bison is worth the try.

Extended Duckbill Combo

Now that we know that Leopard's Limit Break is able to be used multiple times during the End Phase, it has become one of the coolest VG cards to be created, being able to abuse cards like Tic-Toc Flamingo and Loop the Loop Duckbill.

Now, let's shift our attention to another Great nature card from BT08:

Compass Lion
Grade 2 / Intercept/11000/Great Nature/High Beast
[Auto](V/R): During the end phase of the turn when this unit attacked, retire one of your <Great Nature> rear-guards. (Unconfirmed)

Compass Lion isn't able to stack it's retire drawback like Binoculars Tiger. However, with the help of Leopard's Limit Break, the synergy between these cards abuses Call-in-Play abilities like Loop the loop, Duckbill.

Compass Lion/Leopard/ Compass Lion

a) >3 damage(best if it's 5 damage)
b) Loop the Loop DuckBill in hand

Main Phase:
Call Duckbill to empty RC, target [Unit] gains Draw Skill (1)

Battle Phase:
Leopard attacks VG, Duckbill +4000

End Phase:
1) Leopard skill, retires Duckbill
2) Leopard LB, revives Duckbill (CB used: 1)
3) Duckbill CIP skill, target [Unit] gains Draw Skill (2)
4) Compass Lion skill retires Duckbill
5) Leopard LB, revives Duckbill (CB used: 2)
6) Duckbill CIP skill, target [Unit] gains Draw Skill (3)
7) Compass Lion skill retires [Unit]
8) Draw 3 cards

1 Unit +4000, CB2: Draw 3

The important part of this combo to note is that you get 5 new cards (inclusive of twin Drive), allowing you to have a more defensive edge than the opponent at the later stages of the game. If you include Hamsuke in the mix, that is 6 new cards in hand to tank the next wave of attacks.

Of course, if you triggered a heal trigger when you're at 4 damage, you cannot activate the Limit Break ability of Leopard, which will totally suck. Unless you're sure that you will not trigger a heal, best to execute at 5 damage.


As of now, the ruling between Compass Lion and Leopard's End Phase activation is not confirmed and thus, I placed Leopard's skill as priority. However, if Compass Lion's retire skill is able to activate before Leopard's this can be done:

Battle Phase: Leopard attacks VG, Unit +4000
End Phase: Compass Lion retires Unit

It's like cancelling Leopard's drawback using Compass Lion's. If it can override Leopard's timing, Binoculus Tiger can be added to the combo and the overall loop engine is much more flexible.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Grade 4!!!

Embodiment of Science, Silvestro 「学問の体現者 シルベスト」
Grade 4/Twin Drive!!/Great Nature - Power 13,000/Shield -

Continuous: This card can be put into a deck until September 21, 2012.
Auto [V]: When this unit attacks a Vanguard, and you have 3 or more <Great Nature> Rearguards, during this Battle, this unit gets Power +10,000.

LOL at the continuous skill...

Looks like Bushiroad wants to play around with the idea of a Grade 4. Base power is okay, but the +10000 boost is kinda overpowered. O_O

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hipster Angel feather

Saw this while browsing some tournament decklists...

4 Chiel Nurse Shamshiel

4 The Phoenix Calamity Flame

4 Genocide Jack
4 Million ray Pegasus
3 Lady Bomb

4 Thousand Ray
3 Burst Shot, Bethnael
4 Battle Cupid Nociel
3 Pure Keeper Requiel

8 Crit 4 Draw 4 Heal
Hope Child, Turiel

not bad ...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

White Hare Shenanigans

Damage: 3
X/Pellinore/Draw trigger
X/Messenger/Draw trigger

1) Call Master of Pain, CB1(flips a Draw trigger) to add top card of deck to Damage Zone.
2) Calls boost for Master of Pain
3) Boosted Draw Trigger attacks VG (10000)
4) Pellinore attacks, LB activates, sends the 2 draw triggers back to the bottom of the deck, Master of Pain and it's boost gets +5000 each
End Phase:
Select the Draw trigger in damage zone that you've flipped back to the deck and SHUFFLE
Result: Sends 3 triggers back to deck, have a boosted attack +10000

this happened when I was testing a 8-Draw Pellinore deck o3o

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Post-BT07 PM: Combo!

*checks soul and sees Pee-Ka Boo and Purple Trapezist*
SB1 to call Pee-Ka-Boo
Calls Quantum magician
*gives troll smile*

This post is a treat to all Pale Moon players out there, as well as players who are willing to pick up a clan that is a challenge to master. Basically the combos revolve around the synergy of the 3 cards shown above.
Pale Moon 3 card combo. Lets Go!

a) Setting up huge soul for 3-card combo
Key card: Elephant Juggler
Condition:G1 in soul
1) Rides Elephant Juggler
2) Calls Quantum magician (SC1)
3) Quantum's skill activate: SC itself to pull out Grade 1(SC1)
4) End turn, SC Grade 1 to call back Quantum (SC1)
Result: CB1 to SC3. Same cost and effect as Emblem Master (Dark-Irregulars), just that this doesn't have to hit but requires 2 cards to work.

Now, lets extend the combo by adding some setup:
 Condition: Turn 1 ride Purple trapezist
1) Rides Elephant Juggler
2) Calls Quantum magician (SC1)
3) Calls Peek-A-Boo(SC1)
4) Quantum's skill activate: SC itself to pull out Purple trapezist(SC1)
5) Trapezist skill: SC Peek-a-Boo and call another unit (other than Quantum) to empty RG circle(SC1)
6) End turn, SC Trapezist to call back Quantum (SC1)
Result: SC5 while setting up for late-game plays. Though this requires more luck in the first 3 SoulCharges.

b) Advantage engine:
Condition:Peek-a-Boo and Purple trapezist in soul. Quantum magician in RG circle
1) Start of Main Phase, SB1 to Call Peek-a-Boo to empty RG circle
2) CB1 to SC Quantum to call Purple Trapezist
3) Purple Trapezist skill: SC Peek-a-Boo to call another unit from soul
Result: SB1 and CB1 to get +1

This is the main generic combo.Not only does this make you gain a +1 in card advantage, thanks to Peek-a-Boo, but it also erases the downside to Peek-a-Boo's effect of  it having to return to soul at the end of the turn. In the end,  at the cost of CB1 and SB1, you can pull off a +1. You can reduce the cost by having Darkness Magician Robert as the  vanguard to erase the SB cost, while giving you more options in the soul. Good cards to pull out would be Jumping Grain, a 7000 booster which gets +3000 when called from soul until the end of the turn. This engine is only effective when you have a huge soul, meaning more units to choose from, hence the "toolbox". That is why Elephant Juggler  is very important in this kind of Pale Moon build.

c) Constant 10k boost
Another trick would be to emphasise more importance into the 10000 boost (Jumping Grain):
Condition: Jumping Grain on field from last turn. Purple Trapezist in soul.
1) CB1 to SC Quantum to call Purple Trapezist
2) Purple Trapezist skill: SC Jumping Grain to call itself from soul to ANY RG circle.
Result: CB1: Jumping Grain gets +3000. So simple and can be done every turn(unless opp retires Quantum or Jumping Grain) Now let's extend the combo...

Jumping Grain (Extended):
Condition: Jumping Grain and 2 Quantum on field. 2 Purple Trapezist and 1 Jumping Grain  in soul.
1) CB1 to SC Quantum to call Purple Trapezist
2) Purple Trapezist skill: SC Jumping Grain to call itself from soul to any RG circle.
3) 2nd Quantum CB1: SC Quantum to call 2nd Purple Trapezist
4) Purple Trapezist skill: SC first Trapezist to call 2nd Jumping Grain behind vg
Result: CB2 for 2 10k boost, albeit much more risky than the CB1 combo...

d) Lequier crazy power boost:
1) SB1 to Call Peek-a-Boo to empty RG circle(+3000)
2) CB1 to SC Quantum to call Purple Trapezist(+3000)
3) Purple Trapezist skill: SC Peek-a-Boo to call another unit from soul(+3000)
Result: SB1/CB1:VG+9000. Use Skyhigh Walker's effect to fix the cost :O

Now lets copypaste Jumping grain (Extended) into Lequier:
1) CB1 to SC Quantum to call Purple Trapezist(+3000)
2) Purple Trapezist skill: SC Jumping Grain to call itself from soul to any RG circle.(+3000)
3) 2nd Quantum CB1: SC Quantum to call 2nd Purple Trapezist(+3000)
4) Purple Trapezist skill: SC first Trapezist to call 2nd Jumping Grain behind RG (+3000)
Result: CB2: VG+12000, 2 RG +3000 each.
20/28/20 lineup(Purple Trapezist behind vg: 22+6=28). Deadly.

Now, lets combine Advantage engine + Jumping Grain(Extended) while having Lequier as VG:
2 Purple trapezist,1 Pee-Ka-Boo, 2 Jumping Grain in soul. 2 Quantum Magician(hand or field)

1) SB1 to call Pee-Ka-Boo(+3000)
2) Quantum magician CB1: SC it to call Purple Trapezist on back <<RG circle(+3000)
3) Purple Trapezist Skill: SC Pee-Ka-Boo to call Jumping Grain on back >>RG circle(+3000)
4) Call Quantum Magician and CB1: Call another Purple Trapezist from soul behind VG(+3000)
5) Purple Trapezist Skill: SC Purple Trapezist at <<RG and call Jumping Grain at <<RG(+3000)

Alternatively, if you're able to find dancing space for Pee-Ka-Boo, it'll be SB1/CB2: VG+15000, 2 RG +3000. VG will gain much more power if you manage to include Trapezist-PeekaBoo swap.
So much numbers...

Credit goes to Mickey and Eugine for thinking of these combos. Self-touching isn't really my style but that 3-card synergy was too good to not be shared.

Have fun, Pale Moon players!

Friday, July 6, 2012

BT07 has arrived!

As much as I wanna make my DI and Great Nature decks, I don't have the spending power to spam boxes atm. Guess I'll take my time and get singles.

Current decks:
Kagero (DOTE/DO)
Spike Brothers [D.Emperor/Maximum]
Narukami [D.Kaiser/Djinn/Breakthrough]
Megacolony [Master Beetle/Lady Butterfly] (pending for sale)
Grand Blue [Busskirk/Cocytus]
Dark Irregulars[Amon](in-progress)
Great Nature[LeoPald/Tiger](in-progress)

For those spamming BT07, have fun and hope you guys get what you wanted.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Post-BT08 Great Nature combo

Loop the Loop Duckbill
Grade 1/7000/Great Nature/HighBeast
Auto: When this Unit is called to the Vanguard Circle or Rearguard Circle, and you have a <Great Nature> Vanguard, choose up to 1 to your <Great Nature> rear-guards, for that turn, the chosen units get "AUTO: During the end phase, if this card is placed on the drop zone, draw a card.".

Binoculars Tiger/LeoPald/G2 or G3 attacker
Boost/empty/G1 Hamsuke

1) Call DuckBill, Hamsuke gains "Draw Skill"
2) Binoculars tiger attacks VG, Duckbill gets +4000
3) LeoPald(21000) Attacks VG, Hamsuke gets +4000


End Phase:
1) Retire Duckbill
2) LeoPald's Limit Break activate, CB1 to return Duckbill
3) DuckBill's effect activates, Hamsuke gains another "Draw Skill"
4) Retire Hamsuke, CB1 to fetch another Hamsuke from deck. Shuffle deck
5) Draw 2 cards from Duckbill's skill

End result: CB2 to get +3. Reminds you of Koko/Lulu?

Too bad the combo doesn't work because retiring the rear guards occurs at the beginning of End Phase and Limit Break of LeoPald occurs during End phase, which is after that. This means you cannot bring back Duckbill to give a second "Draw Skill" to the already retired Hamsuke.


I've asked around and the combo is legit. Some are already trying with the Tic-Toc Flamingo for free Limit Break and Hamsuke skill.

Great Nature: Stacking Steroid Boosts

Hi, Snake here and I'll be talking about the Great Nature clan that will be completed with the BT07 expansion, especially about the 3 cards shown above.

The 3 cards above are the only cards that catches my eye for now. I mean, who can say no to cost-effective power boosts? Their effect is:

"AUTO【V/R】: When this unit attacks a vanguard, choose one of your other 《Great Nature》 rear-guards, until end of turn, that unit may get Power +4000, if it does get Power +4000, at the start of the end phase of that turn, retire that unit. "

"I'll be using the term "steroid boost" in short to describe this effect in the next few lines"

The thing about the steroid boost is that it can be used multiple times on the same unit, gaining multiple boosts while paying the side-effect of retiring itself once.

So a scenario would be something like this:

Your Turn 3:
CB2:Flask Marmoset +4000 (power:9000)
Binoculars/Monoculars Tiger attacks VG, Marmoset gets +4000(Power:13000)
Leo-Pald attacks, Marmoset gets +4000(Power:17000)
Marmoset attacks (boosted by 8000) = 25000 with no trigger boost

I chose Flask Marmoset as an example because it is a rearguard that you would want to get rid of to make way for more powerful units. By your turn 3, with the right setup you can most likely force in 2 damage using VG and the steroid-boosted RG every turn, until the opponent reaches a point where they have to guard to survive. And I haven't taken critical triggers into account.

When entering late game(both you and the opponent are at 4-5 damage), Leo-Pald's Limit Break kicks in and allows you to save your units at the cost of CB1. With the right setup of Tiger and LeoPald, it's effect becomes (CB1: Select a <Great Nature> rearguard and it gets power+8000). Quite cost effective if you ask me. (Bors cries in a corner)

Since you'll be using a R-V-R attacking strategy, stand triggers can fit into this deck to stand your Binoculars/Monoculars Tiger, giving your steroid-boosted RG an additional +4000 (total of +12000) and the trigger boost to Tiger.

Alternatively, if you chose not to run stand triggers , you can still go for a V-R-R attacking style which will be highly effective when the opponent is at 5 damage:

- LeoPald attacks, giving Magnet Crocodile(boosted by 8000 = 20000) +4000(now:24000)
At this point, if you get a trigger, you can pass the trigger boost to the other rear guard that doesn't have a steroid boost

- Binoculars Tiger gets +5000(boosted by 7000 = 21000)
From here on, the opponent has to use at least 2 cards (assuming the opponent is an 11k VG) for each RG attack. Even if you don't get a trigger boost, Croc still gains +4000

- Binoculars Tiger attacks, Magnet Croc gets +4000(now 28000)
Opponent will have to nullify Crocodile's attack, use two 10k guards or lose a hell lot of cards to guard. End of turn, CB1 to bring back your crocodile.

Unless you run Hamsukes, this style is not that heavy on counterblast. Thus,  you can make room for cards like Lamp Camel(Libra clone). You don't have to activate it's draw ability but the opponent doesn't know that, making it a troll card for pressure. Another card that can be added is Scientist Monkey Rue, who has a similar effect as Flask Marmoset, just that it a CIP(Call-In-Play) effect. Probably used at late game to add more steroids from the setup above.

Have fun with Great Nature!