Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some FAQ regarding BT04

I found this on a facebook group, so I thought I'd share. Expect a long post

Dimension Police Clan analysis / Deck Profile of my current DP deck

Dimension Police is a new clan that is introduced in BT04 which is equipped with the option to use the search/Ride mechanic. The clan is obviously known for giving power boosts to their units and getting the +1 critical and other effects as VG when certain conditions are met.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Promise Daughter: OTT's Blackie

Promise Daughter
Grade 2/Oracle Think Tank - Human/9000 Power/5000 Shield
Auto (Vanguard/Rearguard): [Select 1 "Oracle Think Tank" in your hand and discard it]. When this Unit attacks, you can pay the cost. During this Battle, this Unit gains 5000 Power.

Promise Daughter, which has good synergy with the draw nature of OTT, is enough to compensate for their absence in BT04. Along with CEO Amaterasu, MeteorBreak Wizard and Silent Tom, Oracle Think Tank Decks are power decks to be even more feared in the future (not to mention nice art). Time to spam Extra packs for her and ZANBAKU (which also has an awesome art) at AFA 8D .

Just a small note for the card which shows most promise in the upcoming Extra Pack.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Deck Profile: Nubatama-Kagero Rush

Here's a treat to you Nubatama lovers

Deck Name: Nubatama-Kagero Rush

4 Dragonic Overlord
3 Stealth Dragon Void Master

4 Dragon Knight Nehalem
4 Berserk Dragon
3 Stealth Beast Chigasumi

4 Embodiment of Armor, Bahr
3 Dragon Monk Genjou
3 Stealth Dragon, Dread Master
3 Demonic Dragon Guru Kinnala
2 Demonic Dragon Madonna Joka

4 Demonic Dragon Mage Raksha (Critical)
4 Embodiment of Spear, Tahr (Critical)
4 Blu-Ray DracoKid (Critical)
4 Dragon Monk Genjou (Heal)
1 Lizard Soldier Conroe(FV)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nova-Grappler Draw Deck

It's gonna be a week more to the release of BT04, and I've been testing a hipster build of NovaGrappler around Byond. Basically it's a draw deck which revolve around these:


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Master Fraud and the DI-SoulCharge Engine

The MegaColony clan is initially and more known for their ability to prevent the opponent's units from standing during their Stand Phase. It is very effective in stopping units that does not have "Intercept" or cripple their boost to buy yourself more time. I'll be looking into one of their key cards that might reveal a different playstyle for MegaColony players in the future (BT04 getting massive boosts for this clan).

Master Fraud's first ability is that when your attack hits and you have a Megacolony Vanguard, you can SB3 to draw 1 card. Quite cool as compared to the usual CB2 to get the card gain, and reserving counterblast usage for something else. When coupled with a base clan with a strong Soul-Charge mechanic (Tsukuyomi/Pale-Moon/Dark-Irregulars), his ability can be quite promising.

Master Fraud's second ability is that as Vanguard, when it is boosted by a MegaColony Unit, it gets a +3000 boost. It further compliments the first ability, making effective pushes to the opponent's units with high power while provoking with the ability of an extra draw.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Shadow Paladin Shenanigans : Skull Witch Nevan and the PBD synergy

Skull Witch Nevan
Grade 2/Shadow Paladin/3000/5000/Intercept/1
Auto【R】[Counterblast (1), Discard 1 «Shadow Paladin»] 
When you call this unit into the RG zone you may pay the cost. If paid, draw 2 cards.

Awesome +1 at CB1. The low cost is really handy. Though not broken due to her base stat of 3000 (put it in the vanguard circle and you can simulate Stil Vampire's effect xD) and the possibility of drawing a trigger. Still, this deck thinning mechanism is good nonetheless. Luckily she is a Grade 2, at least she will not stuck in the rear guard. Of course, as a rear guard, she is bait to stuff like Dragonic Overlord/Apollon/Libra etc. When used right, it is scary. Now it is easier to use the next card.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Deck Profile: Dark-Irregular-Kagero Haste

I've come up with this solution to improve my Grade 1 haste Deck. Kinda obvious from the number of Grade 1's I've played here.

Dark-Irregular-Kagero Haste

3 Edel Rose
4 Demon Eater

4 Werewolf Sieger
3 HighSpeed Brakki

4 Embodiment of Armor, Bahr
4 Dragon Monk Gojo
4 Iron Tail Dragon
4 Prisoner Beast

4 Lizard Soldier Conroe
4 Cursed Doctor
4 Blitz Ritter
4 Blue-Ray Dracokid
4 Embodiment of Spear, Tahr

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tourney report: 30/09/2011 Lorong AhSoo

Venue: Active Games (Lorong AhSoo)
Time: 6pm - 10pm (could've been 9 but friends wanna fight for TD)
Date: 30/09/2011
Deck Used: Kagero

Since on 1/10/2011, Tokura Misaki's seiyuu will pay a visit to Active Games, I negotiate with the shop owner to put the trial decks as a prize. Since we can only get the signature from her by buying a Misaki TD, I might as well target for a free sign.