Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kagero Draw Engine and Crit-Based Grappler

I'll be featuring the winner of one of the tourney's in Japan (after the restriction of Barkgal). 

 ◆優勝:タナカさん デッキ名:のう"ぁかげろう

4 Asura Kaiser
3 Death Metal Droid
3 Genocide joker

3 Death Army Lady
2 Magician Girl Killala
4 Genocide Jack

2 Flames of Hope, Aermo
3 Dragon Monk Gojou
4 Embodiment of Armor, Bahr
2 Twin Blader 

3 Death Army Guy

4 Lizard Soldier Ganlu (醒)
4 Battle Riser (醒)
4 Red Lightning (☆)
4 Round Girl Clara (Heal)
1 Lizard Soldier Conroe (VG Start)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blue Scale Deer: WTF

Having a CB2 for a draw is quite a standard for OTT (Libra/Apollon), since the CB limitation is there but a SB to draw is already enough of a mindfuck for the opponent since soul is only limited to the number of cards in your deck. Even for a 15/16k setup, this thing just rips. CEO/Psychic Bird/Tsukuyomi can stock up the soul so it wont be a problem to trigger the effect. Though nerfed with a mere 8000 power and a "attack must hit" condition, it doesn't stop it from being a troll. Here is a breakdown:

If the defending player blocks:
- Attacking player:" Oh okay, you'l get a -1 for now. I'll keep this up till you let me draw a card TROLOLOL"
- Attacking player: "You blocked my attack. It's okay, I have CEO as a vanguard, my soul's just gonna get bigger and bigger. Later you'll see 2 deers instead of 1. Lets see if you'll block everything (ノ*゜▽゜*)ノ"

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thoughts on Promo Pack 3 Cards

Discard a RP to get +5000. With a Stand trigger, this thing will be 20000. Prepare to see Stand Paladin roaming around when this card comes out. At the cost of -1, it'll make the opponent drop another 5000(1 card) to block his attack. Not broken

Thoughts on BT04 preview

Nova Grappler

I have to say that the addition of Stern Blaukruger will give rise to a totally new (or rather ,extremely overlooked NG build) I've heard a couple of people brushing off this card as useless, but think about it.

When I attack, I'll do a twin drive, gaining a +2 from the additional +1 from Draw Phase(overall +3 so far). If the attack hits, I can CB2 to stand my [VG and RG support] while discarding 2 cards , a -2, to attack again, gaining another +1. So in the end it becomes: 2+1-2+1 = +2 card advantage instead of the usual +3 card advantage.

Pale Moon: Breaking patterns

With the addition of the new promo, PM players are in for a treat

With this you can now set up your Bunny/Alice combos by exchanging them with useless cards (most of the time they're draw triggers). You can also send CBT to the soul to meet the requirement for +3000 for various PM cards. Another plus factor would be it's good art

I've questioned the need for Crimson Beast Tamer in a Pale Moon Deck on a Facebook page and am not surprised that more than 80% agreed that CBT is an essential for a Pale Moon Deck. Mickey decided to mod a Pale Moon, including the new promo, of a friend and we playtested it. Despite the drop in power, the deck is surprisingly easy to use (ofc u need a certain amount of luck for essential cards to go to the soul) and you don't have to worry about putting CBT into the soul.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Continued the Last Game of Fate

September 6 2011, 8 30pm (GMT +8)

[CS] Shirosaki faces-off [FT] Mickey for the last game of fate...

Mickey rolled 2, Shiro rolled 6 (Shiro start first)
Mickey Mulligan 3 cards (lack of G3 :P), Shiro Mulligan 3 cards(lack of unknow gradeo.o)

*Damage is written in Mickey-Shiro

Online Tourney Report :) - 6/9/2011 StrykerDragoon's CF Tournament Series 2011 Qualifier Numero Uno

To start up, I shall post today's morning tourney report^^.

Venue: Online VG (Cardfight Capital)
Time: 4am - 8am (very early and very long-.-)
Entry Fee: -nil-
Participants: 36
Format: 8 random players chosen to play for first round >>> cut to top 32
From then, Single elimination to last 4 players
After that, Round robin between the semi-finalist
Deck use: Oracle Think Tank :P

Hey peopleXD

I am Mickey, a friend of psychosnake XD

Similar to Psychosnake, I will be posting comments and views on different clan and cards. Do post comments and your views^^. I will also be posting tourneys' reports^^

I also playing in online VG (Cardfight Capital), I am known as Mickey93 and is a member of team FT :). Do say hi to me if you see me online^^.