Monday, August 29, 2011

Tourney report: 20/08/2011 STGCC Dark Rebellion Emperor Cup

Didn't manage to post any recent material due to work/ACME/STGCC/hari raya preparations etc. So this is considered a very delayed post

Venue: Suntec Convention Hall
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Entry fee: $0
Participants: 29
Format: Double Elimination - 6 Round Swiss
Deck Used: Spike Brothers

4 Juggernaut Maximum
4 Sky Diver

4 MVP Panther
4 Panzer Gali
4 Hi-Speed Blackie

4 Wonder Boy
3 Dudley Dan
3 Cyclone Blitz
3 Cheer Girl Marilyn

1 Mecha Trainer
16 generic Spike Brother tirggers

I didn't add any General Seyfried or any Devil summoners as their effects are too sacky imo. I didn't see the need to put any more luck based elements to my deck. Detailed explanation in a separate post.

I was an hour and a half early for the tournament. Walked around the convention hall and look at the stuff there (Kamen Rider cosplay so cool imo). I eventually got glued to the Dragon Nest exhibition lol. Met a couple of guys who frequent Hougang card shop often (Allan, Misaki etc.)

Match 1: Allan - Pale Moon
I registered for the tournament a number later than him. When the pairings are up, players are paired according to their numbers (1 vs 2, 3 vs 4 etc.) He was no.20 while i was no.21. Oh well. He played fairly well. Towards the end, he had Manticore as VG and 2 other RG (cant remember) with 3 Midnight bunny as support and he attacked normally without triggering the effects. I blocked most of them though. At the end of the match, he revealed that the deck is his friends' and he doesn't know how to play Pale Moon.

Match 2: Zess - Pale Moon
He ended up with Robert as VG and had 7 souls stocked with 4 damage. I attacked the VG and prayed for a critical. One popped up amongst 3-4 attacks and target the RG to prevent him from getting 5 damage. We manage to stall for quite a bit till he has no hand and drive check 2 Nightmare Doll Alice. Took the game form there. Good game though.

Match 3: Shawn - Grand Blue
He shuffled and draw his cards without me chopping his deck. His deck has so much foils that they are popping out from his deck. Won by looking at the top of his deck lol.

Match 4: Ivan - Spike Brother
By right I should've lost this match. I was planning to deal only 2 damage to him on the first turn but in the end got a crit. He pulled off a 2nd turn Dudley Dan/Juggernaut Maximum beat and pushed me to 5 damage in his 3rd turn. Used Dudley Dan to turn my 5k guards to 10k guards and played steadily. On my first twin drive, I managed to get a double crit while the opponent is at 4 damage. He was prepared to guard when I have only 1 trigger, but he could not do anything to a double crit. Luck on my part. Still, good game imo.

Match 5: Joel - Grand Blue
A decent Grand blue player who has a habit to overextend for every turn he manages to attack. He manages to get a double critical on me, but I have to keep calm. I pushed him with 20k+ attacks late game and finished off with Juggernaut/Blackie at 20k+ each.

Match 6: Nicholas (Misaki) - Spike Brother
If I won the match, I would've won the tournament, but I've lost. He restrained himself by dealing 2 damage at his first attacking turn and pulled off a Devil Summoner , superior calling an MVP Panther and pushed me form there with the +1. A reason for my loss would be that my offense couldn't keep up with his attempt to deplete my hand as I was playing defensively, while making small effective attacks to his VG/RG mid-game. Good game imo

On to top 4

Match 7: Abel - Spike Brother
There is a limit to what I can do against luck. He got a double critical at his first twin drive and the following turn, General Seyfried activates his effect to Call Juggernaut Maximum for game. I guarded and calculated that if he gets a trigger/grade 3, it would be game for me.

Overall, I got fourth and Misaki got 3rd. He insists that he gets the 3rd position because he beat me lol.

Promo: Omni Science Madonna (I wanted anything but this ;/)

Thoughts on dark zone:
I have yet to see any consistent dark irregular players, though stil vampire builds have lots of potential. I've seen lots of decent grand blue players. No comments about spike brother players atm.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

For a change of pace

I'll be accepting requests on what you guys want me to write about. Though I have my own writing material, it would be a good change of pace to write for the sake of clearing your doubts about anything related to vanguard/ for the sake of others.

Some examples would be:
Talk about clan analysis/strategies/suggestions
Vanguard anime review etc

or you can ask me anything, really. Kind of a plan to bring myself and the viewers of this blog close lol

Do reply at the chatbox (no spam pls) or simply reply to this post. :)

Tourney Report: 14/08/2011 at Auntie Elsie Shop

Venue: Auntie Elsie Shop
Entry Fee: $1
Participants: 30+
Deck Used: 12 - Critical Kagero

This time, I'm testing out how good 12 critical Kagero is.

Match 1: Wei Yao - Kagero
We both agreed before the match that the one who gets more crits wins. For the whole match, he got only 1 crit and i only got 1 heal but I still win lol. I got Overlord as my vanguard and his executioners have no effect on me so yeah. 11k vg ftw.

Match 2: Paladin
At the end of the match, he revealed that he had a trigger hand as the match dragged on, though he did not misride. Use barkgal every turn and Pongal for SSD search. IMO he played very well, maintaining hand size and field advantage with Flogals. I was probably lucky. Overall good game

Match 3: Leslie - Kagero
I start second for the third time. My dice fails me. Though because of that, I managed to deal 3 damage in the first turn because of a crit and Lourdes 9k attack. I pressured him for game later on.

Match 4: Elson - Nova Grappler
I rushed him on Grade 1. He rushed me on Grade 2. His Asura Kaiser/ Death Army combo is quite devastating but he did not trigger any grade 3s. He made a misplay as he heard that my vanguard+support = 15k while he has a 11k vanguard and thus he only guarded with 10k. I got a critical trigger and won from there. Sacky from both parties.

Match 5: Joe - Paladin
He was sighing throughout the match as he kept drawing triggers. At 3 damage, he declared no guard and I managed to get a double critical. The shop went rowdy from there lol. Lucky on my part

I don't know why there was a sixth round before semi's but yeah. Prolly revival round hax0rs for some players.

Match 6: Sebas - Tsukuyomi OTT
He managed to ride all the way to Grade 3 Tsukuyomi and I knew I was in trouble. Throughout, I made a mixture of attacks to vanguard and rear guard, thanks to Lourdes and him having half moon as vg. Can't remember much from there but I remember winning by critical trigger lol.


Match 7: Elson Nova Grappler
I was stuck at grade 2 and he rushed me at grade 1. I tried my best to drag the game till he had 5 damage but there's a limit to what you can do with grade 2s. Lost by advantage from here. (He attacked me 5 times on the first turn)

In conclusion, I have to fight Wei Yao again and he agreed to let me take 3rd place since it's a long day. I managed to pull a RR lol!

So $1 = Madonna + RR. Not that bad lol

And here's the deck that I've used for the tourney

12-Crit Kagero:

4 Dragonic Overlord
4 Dragonic Exectioner

4 Dragon Knight Nehalem
4 Dragon Armored Knight
4 Berserk Dragon

4 EoA Bahr
4 Flame Dancer Lourdes
3 Wyvern Guard Barryi
2 Dragon Monk Gojou

1 Lizard Runner Conroe
4 EoS Tahr
4 Blue Ray DracoKid
4 Demonic Dragon Monk Raksha
4 Dragon Monk Genjou

The MVPs of the deck are probably Dragonic Overlord (duh), Dragonic Executioner and Flame Dancer Lourdes. The grade 3's allow me to not worry about 11k vanguard as opposition and Flame Dancer Lourdes allows early damage and forces the opponent to overextend, which will be in my favour for my second turn. Counterblast usage-wise is most reserved for Berserk Dragon (for advantage) and Dragon Armored Knight (meeting perfect number setups). Overlord's CB3 is rarely used here and only used it to bait out the Isolde's/Barryi etc.

My opinion:
12 crit is strong .Kinda proven with a 6-1 i got on the tourney. But it's up to you to play it or not because I feel that 12 critical can make you depend too much on the critical trigger to win and thus, it may cloud your judgment during the game. Nevertheless, it's a good deck to pressure the opponent with critical and attacks from all sides (Overlord cb/Backrow rape...yeah, no escape)

I'll be restricting myself to 4 triggers each as a sort of training for Kagero.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dragonic Waterfall Hype

Dragonic Waterfowl
Grade 3/Kagero/Power 10,000/No Shield
Auto 【V】 When this Unit attacks a Vanguard, during that battle, this Unit gains +3000.
Auto 【V】 [Choose 1 Grade 3 Kagero Unit card from your hand and discard it] When this Unit attacks a Vanguard, you may pay the cost. After that, during that battle, this Unit gains +10000.

The card which is getting quite an attention to many vanguard players, mainly because of the +10000 power. With 12 crits + this vanguard, Kagero decks might be able to shine (probably after the ban of Barkgal) The +10000 attack can be negated using Barryi, Isolde etc but it's not all the time the opponent can draw into them.

Without support, it can potentially go up to 23000 when activating his effect, and with at least a 7000 support, he can potentially go up to at least 30000 in attack power. Without using his ability, he can go up to 21000, a good number for attacking the vanguard. And the support is easily accessible through the use of Conroe.

*Time to test the card*

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Brocade Shenanigans

The "what seems to be a generic" Kagero card in BT02 is now a guaranteed arsenal (second to Overlord of course) in my kagero decks from now on. I even have a deck centered around Brocade since he is good.

Backrow Rape
A primary Kagero trait is to kill units/support so that the opponent needs to bring out more units on the following turn, thus making opp lose hand. With Brocade, on the turn you ride him, use Tejas/Berserk Dragon/ DDGKinnala to get rid of units supporting >10000 units as without support, they cannot hit the vanguard. They'll be tempted to add another boost unit to support it or make do by targeting a rear guard.

Locking shenanigans
By splashing in Megacolony cards such as Lady Bomb(highly recommended), Karma Queen and Hell Spider(not recommended, but you can try), you can lock the opponent's rear guards without having to worry about them using their intercept ability. Another trick would be to cripple supports behind front RG/VG so that their attack is crippled as well. Imagine Knight of truth , Gordon is supported by a Marron, and you used the ability on his Marron. his gordon will be a dead card during his next turn and he'll be tempted to replace Gordon/Marron to maintain attack. If that happens, you do realise that Lady Bomb just became a Blaster Blade/Berserk Dragon? Another trick would be to rest his RG supporting his VG so that his VG wouldn't be a threat next turn. Use Lady Bomb's intercept to save hand size when guarding. Then again, if he decided to maintain attack by retiring his rested unit, congrats you have achieved Blaster Blade/Berserk Dragon effect!

Without Brocade, megacolony's rest effect is only effective against grade 1 or 3 units. With Brocade, all units are a viable target.

Forcing Advantage
Stealth Dragon, Void Master caught my eye when I first got it, due to his effect and art (well, most of it is art) but I didn't manage to utilise it till BT02 came out. When a boosted Void Master (RG) hits the Rear guard, he'll either guard or get hit by the attack. If hit, Void Master's ability kicks in, giving the opponent a -2. He'll have no choice but to guard. With the help of Brocade, no funky stuff like S-Special Intercept (stupid term imo) can be made and he is limited to guarding with his hand. So either way, there will be at least a -1 for the opponent's hand.

At your third turn, and if you've been playing advantage all this time, this means that the opponent doesn't have much damage on him. Use a boosted Void Master and attack the vanguard. He'll either take 1 damage and lose 1 card or lose 1 card by guarding. Note that this is when you are rushing the opponent and you will probably rush your units out, making your hand size smaller than the opponent in most cases.

During late game, the opponent would let the attack go as attacks targeting the vanguard are more threatening. After the twin drive, if you managed to get a stand trigger and you still have less cards than the opponent, attack the rear guard (most preferably a 10000) with a 14000. He'll have no choice but to drop a 5000 guard (most of the time a Grade 1/2).

Power-up after twin drive
As the opponent is limited to guarding with his hand, it is no surprise that you'll eventually have more cards than him after the twin drive. With cards such as Gandolf and Chigasumi, their abilities shine here. With Iron tail Dragon CB2, a 20000 is assured late game.

With Brocade, you can possibly push the opponent to a corner and slowly beat him to death. Though not recommended for a person who recently starts vanguard, it's a deck worth trying out. If you're not the patient type, you can also try 12 critical triggers (kagero-based) to double critical him to death lol.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thoughts on the Barcgal restriction

Personally, the restriction of Barcgal dealt a huge blow to many Paladin players. But personally, I am relieved of the restriction. Barcgal as a free +1 in the first turn with no cost is just crazy, along with the 5 soul setup for Soul Saver Dragon and a Gancelot setup upon superior ride.

I feel rather sad that people are giving up on paladin upon hearing the restriction. I still feel that Royal Paladin is a strong deck, despite the restriction. The player just have to make a -1(call Barkgal from hand) to make a +1(call Flogal) and wait for next turn to initiate a further +1(call another Flogal/Liew.) I feel that the restriction makes Barcgal's advantage mechanic more reasonable as compared to other cards. So far, cards that initiate a +1 in card advantage alone are those that need CB2 or higher(Berserk/Alfred/BlasterBlade/Libra etc) and thus, I feel that restriction is reasonable.

Though I feel that Bushiroad is being too hasty in their ban even before BT03 is out. Paladin players, do keep the faith.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Control-based playstyle 1: Guard Scoping and Forced Overguard

I'll be covering the concept of guarding, and how to exploit it. And no it's not another kagero tutorial lol. This can be applied to all vanguard clans. It'll be dry with no images

Guard Scoping

Guard Scoping means forcing the opponent to guard using specific cards from his hand. A useful strategy early game. This requires the player to not overextend/boost and forcing the opponent to guard using 5000 guard during early game. An example would be

OTT Vs Grade 1 Rush
Turn 1: Player A rides Oracle Guardian Gemini and pulls down Lozenge Magus. Ends turn
Turn 2: Player B rides Bahr, pulls down Conroe behind VG circle. Then calls 1 Bahr and 1 Tough Boy at Front Rear Guard circle .

In this situation, When my rear guards attack his VG, he has the option to drop a 5000 guard to block the attack. Then again, dropping a 5000 is , most of the time, a Grade 1 or 2 unit, which he can possibly use for the next turn as a counterattack. Thus, if he guards, he'll lose useful resources for his next turn. If he doesn't guard, he'll take damage, which is the initial plan of a Grade 1 rush deck. And alternatively, if he uses a 10000 shield to guard, you can make sure your subsequent attacks next turn will be even more successful. As you can see, you brought out 3 cards out of 6 which you start with and can potentially wreck up the opponent's early game without overextending so much cards from your hand.

Especially in rush decks, even when the opponent gets a trigger from damage check and boosts his vanguard by 5000, when you have at least 15000 setups for all 3 attacking units, he still has to guard 5000, again dropping potentially useful units for his next counterattack.

Forced Overguard
Forced overguard is a common dilemma that many of us had encountered while playing vanguard. Remember when you have 4 damage and the opponent's vanguard is attacking your vanguard, the most common thing people would do is use a 0 guard card (isolde/barri/twin blader etc) or ,most of the time, drop 15000 guard and declare that if the opponent gets 2 triggers, then the attack passes. The very idea of the opponent not knowing whether you will get a trigger or not is very provoking and we'll use the same idea to gain advantage early game.

Normally, if you play a 8 crit deck, people would normally use the vanguard to attack the opposing vanguard and most of the time, early game, the opponent will not guard as the damage can be used as a counterblast next turn and saves cards from your hand. Now, lets say at your turn 2,your vanguard setup , with boost, is 17000, you have the option to attack an 8000 rear guard. Now he will automatically assume a 22000 vanguard attacking his 8000 rear guard and he will not guard as it will make him lose card advantage (15000 guard/2-3 cards). If you did not trigger a crit, then everything goes as per normal since you made a +2 from there. But if you do trigger a crit, you can pass it to a rear guard setup of 16000 or more, making it at least 21000 as a unit. From here, the opponent has the option to guard 15000 or take 2 damage, despite losing the 8000 rear guard previously. If he takes, it is considered as him taking 2 attacks while losing a rear guard and if he guards, he'll lose 3-4 cards during early game. The anonymous element that exists in the drive check can be exploited this way early game. It's the same concept as when your opponent, fearing the critical, overguards during the vanguard attack.

These strategies are preferably applicable early game as during late game, both players will twin drive so the loss in card advantage is minute at that point. If played right, the difference in card advantage can be seen mid-game.

*disclaimer: These strategies are basically subjective ideas and views of the game, Cardfight Vanguard.I am not using this blog as a preaching platform to tell people that this is the only way to play Vanguard. I believe that everyone has their own playstyle and I will respect that. I'm just using this platform as a tool to voice out my ideas and communicate with the vanguard community. The last thing we want is to have friction between ideals*

Monday, August 1, 2011

Daiyusha potential

A clan consisting of Kamen Riders, Gundams and more. How cool is that?!
Anyway, Daiyusha's effect is that when this card is in the Vanguard Circle and it attacks with 14000 or more attack, it gets +1 critical. And Masked Police Grender's effect is that when it attacks and you have a Masked Police vanguard, the vanguard gets +2000 power for that turn. Though situational for now, this can dish out massive damage mid game, probably at your third turn.

As a vanguard player, I am indeed happy that more strategies and mechanics are being introduced in this booster. It gives players more room to explore. I'll see how I can put this clan to good use

Midnight Bunny Shenanigans

Apparently, when she boosts a unit and it hits and you have a Pale Moon vanguard, you can CB2 to call a Pale Moon unit in your soul to a rear guard circle. I just feel that this might be the new Dudley dan, just that calling from the deck is much more broken imo? With insane soul charging mid-game, this card might be the "stand-trigger" for Pale Moon.