Sunday, November 27, 2011

EB01: Garyuu Striken and Machining series

Garyuu Striken
Grade 2/Kagerou - {Flame Dragon?}/10000 Power/5000 Shield
Continuous (V): Restraint
Auto (V): {If this Unit is attacked and there is no Boost, this Unit gains 5000 Power.}
Auto: When another <<Kagerou>> Rides this card, during this turn, your Vanguard gains 5000 Power and Critical +1.

So, A.D.Eclipse becomes playable now? Even D.Overlord at center becomes a considerable decision. With the right push, this setup places an incredible strain on the opponent. Of course, this wouldn't be viable for players who opt for the option to Superior Ride. And Kagero now has access to 12 Grade 2 rear guards with 10000 power (actually 8 if you focus on unsupported attacks). Possibly one of the best cards in the set. Stand trigger Kagero will gain popularity?

Machining series


Basically, start with G0 Machining and you'll get a 15000 G3 Machining. Not to mention the G1 and G2 counterparts gets boosts when they touch the field. Splash in Antlion to get more Machining into the soul for G3 Machining's effect. I like the fact that the player gets more units from this. The only problem is whether or not to include stand triggers in this deck. If i were to play this, I won't even play the G3 and focus on massive power boosting for the G1 and G2 Machining (10k boost when touch field is good)

As for me, I'll be focusing on my Draw Megacolony and testing trigger builds (probably going for 8 crit 4 draw 4 heal or 8 crit 4 stand 4 heal)

It seems that most of the good and stable cards are cheaper than their RR and RRR counterparts O_O

Cardfight Vanguard Season 2

While randomly surfing the net, I just took notice of this. It has been announced that CFV Season2 is gonna be aired in January . This means that after this national tournament, the first season will end.

Kai looks like he's gone through national service =_= and Aichi looks like Misaki honestly. Hope he man's up and the new season doesn't have some soap opera/yaoi shit going on. Still, taller Aichi has a nicer character design. Then again, these are just initial character designs for the new season.

I'm just curious as to how Kamui will look like after the timeskip.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thoughts on BT05 preview (Part 1)

Phantom Blaster Overlord
Grade 3/Shadow Paladin/11000 Power/No Shield
Continuous (Vanguard/Rearguard): If you have non <<Shadow Paladin>> Units in your Vanguard or Rearguard Circle, this Unit loses 2000 Power.
Continuous (Vanguard): If "Phantom Blaster Dragon" is in your Soul, this unit gains 2000 Power.
Auto (Vanguard): [Counter Blast 3 Cards, Discard "Phantom Blaster Overlord" from your hand.] When this Card attacks, you can pay the cost. If you do, this Unit gains 10000 Power and 1 Critical.

Other than it being a strong vanilla, the fact that this is the only vanguard that can set up a 13000 wall is amazing. If difficult, an 11k wall setup can be done as well. Though his effect to gain 10000 and critical +1 is more of a bonus since players would invest their counterblast for stuff like Nevan and Macha.

Phantom Bringer Demon
Grade 0/Shadow Paladin/5000 Power/10000 Shield
Activate (Rearguard): [Counter Blast 1 Card, Retire 2 of your <<Shadow Paladin>> Rearguards.]

Search your Deck for 1 <<Phantom Blaster Overlord>>, show it your opponent, add it to your hand, then shuffle your Deck.

Macha(CB2) calls PB Demon. PB Demon CB1 retires itself and Macha to search for PBO. Despite the search engine already available for PhantomBlasterDragon, Shadow paladin as the ultimate wall deck?
Once again, another reason why it would be difficult to use PBO's CB3 effect.
*Advantage = +1-2+1 = 0*
Stealth Youkai Kuramalord
Grade 3/Murakumo/10000 Power/No Shield
Auto (Vanguard): When your Main Phase begins, Soul Charge 1 Card, select 1 card in your Damage Zone and flip it up.
Auto (Vanguard): [Soul Blast 8 Cards, Counter Blast 5 Cards] When this Unit's Attack Hits, you can pay the cost. if you do, all of your Units Stand.

Im looking forward to see how Murakumo will affect the way Invincible deck variants will be played (More importantly InvinciOverlord)

Espionage Demon Dragon Mandalalord
Grade 3/Murakumo/11000 Power/No Shield
Continuous (Vanguard/Rearguard): If you have non <<Murakumo>> Units in your Vanguard or Rearguard Circles, this unit loses 2000 Power.
Auto (Vanguard): [Counter Blast 1 Card, Discard 1 "Espionage Demon Dragon Mandalalord" from your hand] When this Unit is attacked, when the Guard Step begins. you can pay the cost. If you do, the attacking Unit loses 10000 Power.

Compared to PBO's CB3, CB1 is a cheap cost to deny the opponent of a powerful attack. Literally making it's own copy a 10k guard is cool. *Now prays for search engine*

Flame of Promises, Aermo
Grade 1/Kagero - Salamander/4000 Power/5000 Shield

Auto (Rearguard): [Soul Blast 1 Card] If this Unit boosts a "Overlord" Unit, you can pay the cost. This card gains 6000 Power.

Cool card that compliments well with Dragonic overlord and Conroe. Also works with PBO. As for me, I won't run 4 of him lol
I'm just hoping Dragonic overlord The End has the same calibur as Phantom Blaster Overlord.The Murakumo clan is also showing promise. Hope to see more good paladin stuff

Friday, November 25, 2011

Perfect Riser: OP?

Perfect Riser 「パーフェクトライザー」
Grade 3/Nova Grappler/11000 Power/No Shield
Continuous [V/R]: If you do not have another "Riser" Unit in your [V] Circle or [R] Circle, this Unit loses -2000 Power.
Continuous [V]: During your Turn, this card gains +3000 Power for each "Riser" card in your soul
Continuous [V]: If you have 4 or more "Riser" Units in your Soul, this Unit gains +1 Critical.
Auto: When this Unit appears in the [V] Circle, place all "Riser" Units you control into your Soul.

Numbers Breakdown:
**6 Riser in soul with no Riser RG = 11000 - 2000 + 6(3000) = 27000 (with 8000 boost , it becomes 35000)
6 Riser in soul with Riser RG = 11000 + 6(3000) = 29000 (with 7000 boost, it becomes 36000)
*5 Riser in soul with no Riser RG = 11000 -2000 +5(3000) = 24000 (with at least 6000 boost, it becomes 30000)
 *5 Riser in soul with Riser RG = 11000 +5(3000) = 26000
*4 Riser in soul with no Riser RG = 11000 - 2000 + 4(3000) = 21000
*4 Riser in soul with Riser RG =
11000 + 4(3000) = 23000 (with at least 7000 boost it becomes 30000)
3 Riser in soul with no Riser RG = 11000 - 2000 + 3(3000) = 18000 (with at least 7000 boost it becomes 25000)
3 Riser in soul with Riser RG = 11000 + 3(3000) = 20000
2 Riser in soul with no Riser RG =11000 - 2000 +2(3000) = 15000
2 Riser in soul with Riser RG = 11000 + 2 (3000) = 17000 (with 8000 boost, it becomes 25000)  

1 Riser in soul with no Riser RG =11000 - 2000 +1(3000) = 12000    
1 Riser in soul with Riser RG =11000 +1(3000) = 14000 (with 6000 support, it becomes 20000)  

*of course, those marked as asterisks are optimal conditions if the player is lucky*

So we'll be seeing opponents pulling 30000 power VGs with crit +1? Not often because:

1) For the opponent to soul charge at least 4 Riser units, he has to guard a Riser unit that is in front. And so far, the only Riser units shown has the highest power of 8000 only. Even if guarded successfully, the opponent's hand will be exhausted even before he twin drives.

2) The other situation would be for the opponent to have the Grade 2 Riser as the VG and soul charge 3 riser units (back row RG zones). An 8000 power VG is just asking to be rushed.

3) Once again, the deck's unfavorable matchup is Kagero.

4) You'll be exchanging cards for power. The critical +1 is justified and compensated by the amount of card loss you make to meet his condition. Still cool nonetheless

Then again, with just 2 Riser in soul, it can potentially reach 25000, which I think is cool. And sky-high 35000 with critical +1 is just scary. Powerful, but definitely not overpowered.

Kagero players, lets stock up on our Gatling Claws, Tejas and Goku's.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Small note

"I just realised everytime I played against Bank in a tourney, whether its swiss or best of 3, I have a very high chance of not riding a grade 1 (and I play 15 grade 1's >.<). It must be his mat sucking away my luck D: ...."

Anyway, just a small note that Mickey and I won't be posting for a while (it's been a while since Mickey posted lols), due to him having exams and me having deadlines coming up  but rest assured I'll be posting as usual (as usual meaning spamming posts) when all this is over...

"Interested in the 11k nova grappler that I saw from comic pack spoilers. Did i see a critical+1?"

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Deck profile: Megacolony deck

It's been a while since I posted. Been testing ard with decks over the past few days. Here's a pure MC deck that I've made. It's been holding itself fairly well against other mainstream decks like RP/Kagero/OTT (unless I miss a grade for 1-2 turns).

With 13 cards that can make VG Master Fraud 20000 and 7 cards that can make Master Fraud at least 21000, the focus is already stated. The 20000+ power VG will be the one to lead the way, while passing trigger boosts to RG to make further pushes. Hell Spider/Karma Queen/Lady Bomb to cripple the opponents VG/G3RG late game while Water Gang/Master Fraud nets advantage on turn 2/3.

Q:  Why no Giraffa?
A: Sure, clog up my grade 1's and reduce my chances of making Master Fraud 20k+. I'd rather have much more boosts to make Fraud 20k+ and an easier matchup against Kagero.

The only way for Evil Shell Shogun Giraffa to reach 20k+ is to have it boosted by Stealth Millipede. Having to rely on a specific boost to make an offensive vanguard attack will result in a very difficult matchup against Kagero decks. Not to mention the risk of not drawing into it. (Compare 4 to 13 cards). And Giraffa's CB ability is too technical to net any real advantage.

Q:  Then, won't riding Madame Mirage won't net you any card advantage, as compared to Giraffa that can search.
A: Here's 4 Master Fraud and 4 Water Gang. No joke, I draw 5 cards in a turn. It happens

Q:  Why no 4 Millipede?
A:  (RG Ant Jaw + Milipede = 17000) as compared to (RG Ant Jaw + Karma Queen = 18000). I'd rather have 18000 power to take out Silent Toms/rush 8000 power VG at turn 2.

Q: Why 4 Master Fraud and not 4 Hell Spider
A: *KoK Alfred gives troll face* and other stand trigger shenanigans. Master Fraud is a confirmed +3000 boost when boosted by a Megacolony so yeah.

And that's just about it. I want to add Death Warden but it's unrealistic in this kind of deck. It also adds more restriction to the type of boost I need. But Death Warden is cool nonetheless.