Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kagerou style: Attack Pattern

This is the second segment of Kagerou Style, and I'll be talking about strategies to deal heavy blows using Kagerou cards.

Meeting the 20000 baseline
As noticeable as it seems, each of these cards can pump their attack to at least 12000, making them + Bahr a baseline of at least 20000. And with the addition of Iron tail dragon, You have at least 8 rear guards meeting the 8000 requirement for the setup. This will make opponents with 10000 vanguard drop at least 20000 worth of guard (at least 2 cards) to fully block the attack. This will also prompt the opponent to use zero guards (Isolde, Barri, Chocolat, Twin Blader), still wasting 2 cards for the attack.

Hitting the back-row
Tejas is one of the reasons why Kagerou is so versatile in the meta right now. I'd even advise Nova Grappler players to play him cos he is just that good. The ability to hit the back row hits decks that relies on specific cards (Paladin, Spike Brother) pretty hard. and with 8 stand triggers now available for Kagerou, Tejas now has more options upon standing. And with a specific support, Tejas is able to meet the baseline of 16000 to hit vanguards.

With the ability to lock the intercept units from the opponent's hand, the opponent is limited to guarding with his hand. With cards to retire the rear guard supporting the Vanguard, it even piles up more pressure for the opponent, a defensive play. With High-Speed Blackie (has seen splashability in lots of decks), it is certain that the player has met the 20000 baseline to punch the opponent to death.

Assuming (Brocade + >6000 = >16000) , the opponent has to drop a total of 15000 (2 cards) guard to block the attack. With HIgh Speed Blackie(9000+>6000+5000= >20000), he has to drop another 15000 to block the attack. That is a total of 4 cards, not accounting triggers and the third rear guard. And maining at least 6 stand triggers screams "Final Turn" for the opponent.

Kagerou style: Defense pattern

Even though the Kagerou clan is known to be one of the more offensive decks out there, I'll be discussing the defensive patterns Kagerou players have in their disposal.

Overlord Spam
Previously, Kagerou has only 4 stand triggers at their disposal and Overlord lovers reverted to a Kagerou-Grappler hybrid to make full use of Overlord's effect. The downside of that is the inability to use Wyvern Guard Barri, as the vanguard is Mr Invincible most of the time. Now, with 8 stand triggers, Overlord's ability can be abused further in pure Kagrou decks. And with Aleph's ability to refresh the damage zone it's a sure fire way of activating Overlord's effect in 2 consecutive turns.

Retire ability
With the introduction of the second expansion, it was never difficult to abuse the counterblast. With the existence of Gatling Claw Dragon, Kagerou's matchups against Paladins have been slightly easier with the option to retire Barkgal, the card which nets free cards for Paladins. And for Kinnala and Berserk Dragon, the option to retire the rear guard supporting the opponent's vanguard is the most common and best defensive option to keep the opponent's vanguard at bay.

The 11000 vanguard and S-Special Intercept
With an 11000 as a vanguard, Kagerou players practically save at least 1 more card for every attack, assuming most attacks are of 20000 baseline. And with the addition of Berger, maintaining hand size is easier during the opponent's turn - intercept and dropping a 5000 guard sets up a 26000, a good defense against 20000 setups.

Cards that define the meta 1: Dragonic Overlord

First off, Dragonic Overlord's power of 11000 gives it a powerful defensive option against 20000 setups like Alfred and Dragonic Executioner + Bahr. It lets you drop 15000 instead of the usual 20000 guard against 20000 + 2 triggers setups. And for pure Kagerou decks, with the new "Dragon Knight Berger", keeping card advantage has never been that easy with the 10000 intercept.

Secondly, it's his ability to stand after retiring a rear guard. With at least 22000 power (>6000 rear guard), the opponent has to drop at least 15000 (2 cards) to block his attack. That alone is enough to net you a +2 card advantage. And with the usage of stand triggers, you can gain even more card advantage by standing Overlord and attacking his rear guards again. Either way, he will lose 2 cards. So in the event that you managed to get a stand trigger after using Overlord's effect, advantage gained would be +6, and you still have an extra attack. Even in a 5-damage situation, you can use him as a huge beatstick for game.

In my opinion, he is still a defensive card, compared to other grade 3's like CEO Amaterasu, Alfred, Dragonic Executioner etc. Other than netting insane advantage, that's all he's good for. With the second expansion, Kagerou players have more options to retire the opponent's rear guards and the usage of counterblast is more reserved for that purpose. Dragon Knight Berger is, indeed, the best present Dragonic Overlord gets for a more defensive option.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

First post

Hi guys, I'm Anwa

As the title suggest, this blog will be all about Cardfight Vanguard and my take about the game. Sometimes, I'll probably be cross-referencing from different sites , translate,dissect and talk about recent decks that have been topping the Vanguard Tournies as of late. Time to time, I would post my performance of how I did in tournaments. I'll also be talking about strategies, card of the day and all that stuff to contribute to the Cardfight! Vanguard Community. So enjoy!