Sunday, December 25, 2011

Top Gun - NG's Tyrant Death Rex

Top Gun
Grade 3/Power 10,000/No Shield/ Nova Grappler

Auto [V]: When your <Nova Grappler> Rearguard is rested, for this turn, this unit's power is +1000.

Looks like a GranBlue card. Less flexible but less costly version of Death Rex. For more stability in terms of power, I'd rather play Armored Fairy Spielger as VG but this guy can potentially reach 23000 so it's up to the player. Combo with Rocket Hammerman to give him +3000 with 1 rest. Just a small combo if you're up against control decks like Dark Irregulars and Kagero and you don't have enough units to make him +5000. Seems like a fun card to use.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Maiden of the Evil Eye, Euryale - Binding

Grade 3/Oracle Think Tank - ???/10000 Power/No Shield
Auto: When this unit enters a Vanguard or Rearguard Circle, and you have 6 or more <<Oracle Think Tank>> in your Soul, you may choose one card on your opponent's hand at random and "Bind" it. At the end of your turn, that card returns to your opponent's hand.

Rulings for "Bind" aren't out yet, though I have a feeling that "Bind" is like rendering the card being unusable. If it is, this card will be an interesting addition to the already powerful arsenal the Oracle Think Tank clan has (Promise daughter,Silent Tom, Tsukuyomi, Meteobreak). Once again, sacky card that can net you the game if you piked out cards like 10000 guards or nullifys. It has interesting synergy with Imperial Daughter as well.

Time to see the price of HalfMoon Tsukuyomi skyrocket again.

Dimension Police: Miracle Beauty and 8 Stands

Finally, Dimension Police can stray away from their "4 each" triggers since they're getting their 2nd stand trigger . Also, we can actually abandon the SearchRide for Enigman Storm since DP's getting their own Iron Tail Dragon in PR04. Cosmobeak + Daiyusha early game and stands for late game. It gets better with the following card:
Miracle Beauty
Grade 3/Dimensional Police - ???/10000 Power/No Shield
Auto [R]: During your Battle Phase, when this unit Stands, and you have a <<Dimensional Police>> Vanguard, choose one of your <<Dimensional Police>> unit in the same column as this unit and Stand it.

8 Stands makes Miracle Beauty scary, forcing out 15k guards late game (with boost). Works well with CosmoRoar and Enigman Rain. Place CosmoRoar behind Miracle Beauty and add 2000 to Enigman Rain VG. Force out a 5000 guard using  Miracle Beauty and taunt the opponent with Rain's effect. Getting the attack to hit is a bonus since triggering a stand would also make Miracle beauty 21000 with the boost of CosmoRoar, which would also stand due to Miracle Beauty's effect. Plus, it has such a nice art. I won't be surprised if this card's price skyrockets in bigweb due to the appearance, and she somehow reminds me of Baromides, though not so autopilot.

Tourney report: 23/12/2011 Lorong AhSoo

Venue: Active Games Collection (Lorong Ahsoo)
Date: 24 Dec 2011
Time: 6:30pm - 10pm
Deck Used: Goku Kagero

1st Round : Walk Over

2nd Round: William (Shadow Paladin)
Didn't trigger and he has 21k VG.

3rd Round : Random (Dimension Police)
When I attack, I say 16k he really go guard 15k. Nothing much to say.

4th Round : Eugine (Dual Axe Kagero)
1) I tried to rush him but he slowed me down. And then his Goku gets to work. Took the game from there.
2) I missed my Grade 3 but managed to ride Overlord after 2 turns. But he still slow me down and perfected me with Dual Axe.
After the match, he admit that it was one-sided but I'm not gonna rage about it. Better than losing to some random by sacking triggers.

Result: Scrub. Wasn't a good day to play VG. I kept missing grade 3's and triggers. Went on and see the following matches and had some laughs (Bank/Skye shenanigans)

Gonna play Stand Kagero again. Might try with Goku.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dragonic Overlord - The End

Dragonic Overlord The End
Grade 3/Kagerou - Flame Dragon/11000 Power/No Shield
Continuous [V/R]: If you have a non <<Kagerou>> Unit in your Vanguard or Rearguard Circle, this Unit loses 2000 Power.
Continuous [V]: If <<Dragonic Overlord>> is in your Soul, this unit gains 2000 Power.
Auto [V]: [Counter Blast 2 Cards, Select 1 <<Dragonic Overlord The End>> in your hand and discard it.] When this Unit's Attack Hits, you can pay the cost. If you do, Stand this Unit
I'm actually surprised that Kagero gets a 13k wall, considering Kagero's specialty to retire rear guards. I have another reason to whack BT05 (aside the D.I.).

Aside from his Auto ability, which is really a bonus to me than an asset, this card is a great addition to the Kagero clan. Just that I have to take out my Rugos from my Kagero deck ( ̄へ ̄)*now waits for Dark Irregular spoilers*

Monday, December 19, 2011

Team tourney report: Lorong Ahsoo

Venue: Active Games Collection (Lorong Ahsoo)
Date: 18 Dec 2011
Time: 2:30pm - 7pm

Mickey: Flame Dragon Kagero
Anwa: Goku Kagero
Yee Shean : Royal Paladin (Alfred)

Match 1: (idk the team name)(idk the boy's name)
Deck Used: Spike Brother
XO- (Team won)
1) Seyfried hax and trigger hax. No heal came out
2) Controlled him like a dog on a leash. I've had 4 counts to dq him but won the match
3) Didn't play since teammates won
*I did not activate Goku's effect*

Macth 2: Team HoSehBo: Adwin
Deck Used: Royal Paladin (Bridgette/Gancelot/HDD)
OO- (Team won)
I couldn't remember how the matches went. He missed a G3 at one of the matches. I was focused on bringing him to a late game state as his deck outclasses mine in terms of power so i keep starting off with 2 attacks, followed by 3 every turn to keep the pressure. I can tell that he put a lot of thought into the deck, since he has answers to get rid of dead cards in the hand both early and late game. Blaster Blade's (I assume 4) are answers to heavy-hitters at the sides. Props to Adwin for creativity and guts.
*I did not activate Goku's effect*

Match 3: (idk the team name)(idk the boy's name)
Deck used: Kagero(Executioner/Overlord)
OXX (Team won)
1) His 20k setups are ineffective against my 11k VG, Dragonic Overlord
2) I controlled him like a dog on a leash, but i declared no guard when i thought I had 3 damage, when i actually had 4. He opened a crit. Speechless
3) He had G3 vg I had G1 vg
*I did not activate Goku's Effect*

Match 4: Team BURDEN: Bank
Deck used: Tsuku Tamer
OXX (Team lost)
1) I double healed. Dragged from there
2) He double crit at 3 damage. D:
3) He double crit at 3 damage. D:
Nothing much to say. At the end, I just realised he played 12 criticals in his deck. He has a very well-constructed deck, still with risk accompanying the disadvantages. 12 criticals with Tsukuyomi's draw ability is scary. At least I did not misgrade for 3 rounds and presented a good game.
*I did not activate Goku's Effect*

Final Match: (idk their team name): HengYeow
Deck used: Goku Kagero
OO- (Team won)
The final match was epic as the lineup and decks used for the matches are pretty much the same. Mickey got paired up with Mark, who also uses a Flame Dragon Kagero deck.Yee Shean got paired up with Jaden who also uses a Royal Paladin deck (Alfred). I got paired up with HengYeow, who also uses a Goku Kagero deck.

He was running a Goku Kagero with stands, a pretty scary deck by concept. I couldn't remember how it went for match 1, except that I finally activated Goku's effect once. For match 2, I played aggressively and was lucky at the same time. He only opened 1 stand trigger throughout game 2 and a couple of G3's for Goku's effect but my 10k VG and RG walled his 9k RGs for a while. The rest is pretty much attrition

By tie breaker, out team won, but decided to share in the end. Topped up cash to get a box of BT03 Here are the spoils:

Got Daiyusha SP (seriously ...). I took the nullifys since I needed em for my upcoming decks. Yee Shean took the Full Moon while Mickey took the Dual Axe. Sold the rest and split the cash amongst ourselves. Took the commons/rares we need and donated the rest to the shopkeeper. Ended the day with dinner with Team BURDEN.

Despite feeling like the burden of the team, I did learn a lot during my first Team tournament. There were some good matches during the tournament (declared 2 trigger pass but drive checked a Flame dragon and a Flame Dragon trigger[3+5+3=+11k]) and of course, some laughs throughout the tournament.

Current plans (VG):
- Thinking up of a new rush deck involving Neko Butler
- updating my DI-Kagero (probably changing it to Aleph haste)
- Rebuilding Tachikaze rush
- Post BT05 Dark irregulars (betting on it since Tetsu deserves a deck that is on par with Shadow Paladin and Kagero)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Post-EB01 shenanigans: Kagero - 15k wall


I might be overhyping this but Hidden Dragon Striken now allows Kagero players to follow up with strong plays on the turn they ride their Grade 3. 

Goku: Ride Striken and end your turn, having no other front rear guards. The opponent will be forced to put supports to even deal damage. Then, follow up with Goku next turn and proceed to burn during the next few consecutive turns. Even if the opponent drops nullify/a number of cards to guard the VG attack (with Critical +1), Goku's ability will net you with a lead in card difference. Control from there while scouting their hand.

Eclipse: The Eclipse series gets a power up. It will be very advantageous if you managed to start first in a deck like this. Scout for nullifys in the opponent's first 2 drive checks. If he/she manages to get one, you can split the pressure by attacking with Critical +1 on your 3rd turn and using his CB ability on your 4th turn to force cards down. If you have a rough gauge of what is in his hand, you can also use CB2 on your turn 3 to make the opponent's balls drop. Technical players ought to give this a try.

Waterfowl: Self-explanatory. Run a 12-crit build and punch with a 26k setup at turn 3. Getting 1 critical trigger means 3 damage = welcome to late game where you see 31000 power Waterfowl. Making opponent drop so much early in the game also gives you the card advantage since he dedicates at least 1 more card to hit Striken. Let your High-powered waterfowl and crits do the work from there.

I did not include Dragonic overlord in the list as I feel that getting CB3 after setting up the 15k wall is not possible unless the opponent really puts everything down. Furthermore , at your turn 3, it's not possible to drive check 3 times as the opponent probably has only units that can intercept at the Front row RG. Will update after further testing.

Hidden Dragon Striken being unrestrained in the RG means more big beaters for Kagero. Post BT05, Kagero will probably be the only clan that has the constant wall (eg. having a 15k VG wall at turn 2/having 10k wall at turn 2/ having an 11k wall at turn 3/possibly a 13k VG wall at turn 4 though DO,TE's effect is still not confirmed).

The current 15k wall is impressive and further compliments Kagero's nature of retiring the opponent's units since it forces the opponent to put down stuff for you to burn. So friendly! If the opponent doesn't put down supports, then he will less likely deal damage to you this turn, in turn giving you the damage lead. Of course, if you don't have a Grade 3 in your hand and are stuck with Striken as your VG, then good luck.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

EB01: Garyuu Striken and Machining series

Garyuu Striken
Grade 2/Kagerou - {Flame Dragon?}/10000 Power/5000 Shield
Continuous (V): Restraint
Auto (V): {If this Unit is attacked and there is no Boost, this Unit gains 5000 Power.}
Auto: When another <<Kagerou>> Rides this card, during this turn, your Vanguard gains 5000 Power and Critical +1.

So, A.D.Eclipse becomes playable now? Even D.Overlord at center becomes a considerable decision. With the right push, this setup places an incredible strain on the opponent. Of course, this wouldn't be viable for players who opt for the option to Superior Ride. And Kagero now has access to 12 Grade 2 rear guards with 10000 power (actually 8 if you focus on unsupported attacks). Possibly one of the best cards in the set. Stand trigger Kagero will gain popularity?

Machining series


Basically, start with G0 Machining and you'll get a 15000 G3 Machining. Not to mention the G1 and G2 counterparts gets boosts when they touch the field. Splash in Antlion to get more Machining into the soul for G3 Machining's effect. I like the fact that the player gets more units from this. The only problem is whether or not to include stand triggers in this deck. If i were to play this, I won't even play the G3 and focus on massive power boosting for the G1 and G2 Machining (10k boost when touch field is good)

As for me, I'll be focusing on my Draw Megacolony and testing trigger builds (probably going for 8 crit 4 draw 4 heal or 8 crit 4 stand 4 heal)

It seems that most of the good and stable cards are cheaper than their RR and RRR counterparts O_O

Cardfight Vanguard Season 2

While randomly surfing the net, I just took notice of this. It has been announced that CFV Season2 is gonna be aired in January . This means that after this national tournament, the first season will end.

Kai looks like he's gone through national service =_= and Aichi looks like Misaki honestly. Hope he man's up and the new season doesn't have some soap opera/yaoi shit going on. Still, taller Aichi has a nicer character design. Then again, these are just initial character designs for the new season.

I'm just curious as to how Kamui will look like after the timeskip.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thoughts on BT05 preview (Part 1)

Phantom Blaster Overlord
Grade 3/Shadow Paladin/11000 Power/No Shield
Continuous (Vanguard/Rearguard): If you have non <<Shadow Paladin>> Units in your Vanguard or Rearguard Circle, this Unit loses 2000 Power.
Continuous (Vanguard): If "Phantom Blaster Dragon" is in your Soul, this unit gains 2000 Power.
Auto (Vanguard): [Counter Blast 3 Cards, Discard "Phantom Blaster Overlord" from your hand.] When this Card attacks, you can pay the cost. If you do, this Unit gains 10000 Power and 1 Critical.

Other than it being a strong vanilla, the fact that this is the only vanguard that can set up a 13000 wall is amazing. If difficult, an 11k wall setup can be done as well. Though his effect to gain 10000 and critical +1 is more of a bonus since players would invest their counterblast for stuff like Nevan and Macha.

Phantom Bringer Demon
Grade 0/Shadow Paladin/5000 Power/10000 Shield
Activate (Rearguard): [Counter Blast 1 Card, Retire 2 of your <<Shadow Paladin>> Rearguards.]

Search your Deck for 1 <<Phantom Blaster Overlord>>, show it your opponent, add it to your hand, then shuffle your Deck.

Macha(CB2) calls PB Demon. PB Demon CB1 retires itself and Macha to search for PBO. Despite the search engine already available for PhantomBlasterDragon, Shadow paladin as the ultimate wall deck?
Once again, another reason why it would be difficult to use PBO's CB3 effect.
*Advantage = +1-2+1 = 0*
Stealth Youkai Kuramalord
Grade 3/Murakumo/10000 Power/No Shield
Auto (Vanguard): When your Main Phase begins, Soul Charge 1 Card, select 1 card in your Damage Zone and flip it up.
Auto (Vanguard): [Soul Blast 8 Cards, Counter Blast 5 Cards] When this Unit's Attack Hits, you can pay the cost. if you do, all of your Units Stand.

Im looking forward to see how Murakumo will affect the way Invincible deck variants will be played (More importantly InvinciOverlord)

Espionage Demon Dragon Mandalalord
Grade 3/Murakumo/11000 Power/No Shield
Continuous (Vanguard/Rearguard): If you have non <<Murakumo>> Units in your Vanguard or Rearguard Circles, this unit loses 2000 Power.
Auto (Vanguard): [Counter Blast 1 Card, Discard 1 "Espionage Demon Dragon Mandalalord" from your hand] When this Unit is attacked, when the Guard Step begins. you can pay the cost. If you do, the attacking Unit loses 10000 Power.

Compared to PBO's CB3, CB1 is a cheap cost to deny the opponent of a powerful attack. Literally making it's own copy a 10k guard is cool. *Now prays for search engine*

Flame of Promises, Aermo
Grade 1/Kagero - Salamander/4000 Power/5000 Shield

Auto (Rearguard): [Soul Blast 1 Card] If this Unit boosts a "Overlord" Unit, you can pay the cost. This card gains 6000 Power.

Cool card that compliments well with Dragonic overlord and Conroe. Also works with PBO. As for me, I won't run 4 of him lol
I'm just hoping Dragonic overlord The End has the same calibur as Phantom Blaster Overlord.The Murakumo clan is also showing promise. Hope to see more good paladin stuff

Friday, November 25, 2011

Perfect Riser: OP?

Perfect Riser 「パーフェクトライザー」
Grade 3/Nova Grappler/11000 Power/No Shield
Continuous [V/R]: If you do not have another "Riser" Unit in your [V] Circle or [R] Circle, this Unit loses -2000 Power.
Continuous [V]: During your Turn, this card gains +3000 Power for each "Riser" card in your soul
Continuous [V]: If you have 4 or more "Riser" Units in your Soul, this Unit gains +1 Critical.
Auto: When this Unit appears in the [V] Circle, place all "Riser" Units you control into your Soul.

Numbers Breakdown:
**6 Riser in soul with no Riser RG = 11000 - 2000 + 6(3000) = 27000 (with 8000 boost , it becomes 35000)
6 Riser in soul with Riser RG = 11000 + 6(3000) = 29000 (with 7000 boost, it becomes 36000)
*5 Riser in soul with no Riser RG = 11000 -2000 +5(3000) = 24000 (with at least 6000 boost, it becomes 30000)
 *5 Riser in soul with Riser RG = 11000 +5(3000) = 26000
*4 Riser in soul with no Riser RG = 11000 - 2000 + 4(3000) = 21000
*4 Riser in soul with Riser RG =
11000 + 4(3000) = 23000 (with at least 7000 boost it becomes 30000)
3 Riser in soul with no Riser RG = 11000 - 2000 + 3(3000) = 18000 (with at least 7000 boost it becomes 25000)
3 Riser in soul with Riser RG = 11000 + 3(3000) = 20000
2 Riser in soul with no Riser RG =11000 - 2000 +2(3000) = 15000
2 Riser in soul with Riser RG = 11000 + 2 (3000) = 17000 (with 8000 boost, it becomes 25000)  

1 Riser in soul with no Riser RG =11000 - 2000 +1(3000) = 12000    
1 Riser in soul with Riser RG =11000 +1(3000) = 14000 (with 6000 support, it becomes 20000)  

*of course, those marked as asterisks are optimal conditions if the player is lucky*

So we'll be seeing opponents pulling 30000 power VGs with crit +1? Not often because:

1) For the opponent to soul charge at least 4 Riser units, he has to guard a Riser unit that is in front. And so far, the only Riser units shown has the highest power of 8000 only. Even if guarded successfully, the opponent's hand will be exhausted even before he twin drives.

2) The other situation would be for the opponent to have the Grade 2 Riser as the VG and soul charge 3 riser units (back row RG zones). An 8000 power VG is just asking to be rushed.

3) Once again, the deck's unfavorable matchup is Kagero.

4) You'll be exchanging cards for power. The critical +1 is justified and compensated by the amount of card loss you make to meet his condition. Still cool nonetheless

Then again, with just 2 Riser in soul, it can potentially reach 25000, which I think is cool. And sky-high 35000 with critical +1 is just scary. Powerful, but definitely not overpowered.

Kagero players, lets stock up on our Gatling Claws, Tejas and Goku's.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Small note

"I just realised everytime I played against Bank in a tourney, whether its swiss or best of 3, I have a very high chance of not riding a grade 1 (and I play 15 grade 1's >.<). It must be his mat sucking away my luck D: ...."

Anyway, just a small note that Mickey and I won't be posting for a while (it's been a while since Mickey posted lols), due to him having exams and me having deadlines coming up  but rest assured I'll be posting as usual (as usual meaning spamming posts) when all this is over...

"Interested in the 11k nova grappler that I saw from comic pack spoilers. Did i see a critical+1?"

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Deck profile: Megacolony deck

It's been a while since I posted. Been testing ard with decks over the past few days. Here's a pure MC deck that I've made. It's been holding itself fairly well against other mainstream decks like RP/Kagero/OTT (unless I miss a grade for 1-2 turns).

With 13 cards that can make VG Master Fraud 20000 and 7 cards that can make Master Fraud at least 21000, the focus is already stated. The 20000+ power VG will be the one to lead the way, while passing trigger boosts to RG to make further pushes. Hell Spider/Karma Queen/Lady Bomb to cripple the opponents VG/G3RG late game while Water Gang/Master Fraud nets advantage on turn 2/3.

Q:  Why no Giraffa?
A: Sure, clog up my grade 1's and reduce my chances of making Master Fraud 20k+. I'd rather have much more boosts to make Fraud 20k+ and an easier matchup against Kagero.

The only way for Evil Shell Shogun Giraffa to reach 20k+ is to have it boosted by Stealth Millipede. Having to rely on a specific boost to make an offensive vanguard attack will result in a very difficult matchup against Kagero decks. Not to mention the risk of not drawing into it. (Compare 4 to 13 cards). And Giraffa's CB ability is too technical to net any real advantage.

Q:  Then, won't riding Madame Mirage won't net you any card advantage, as compared to Giraffa that can search.
A: Here's 4 Master Fraud and 4 Water Gang. No joke, I draw 5 cards in a turn. It happens

Q:  Why no 4 Millipede?
A:  (RG Ant Jaw + Milipede = 17000) as compared to (RG Ant Jaw + Karma Queen = 18000). I'd rather have 18000 power to take out Silent Toms/rush 8000 power VG at turn 2.

Q: Why 4 Master Fraud and not 4 Hell Spider
A: *KoK Alfred gives troll face* and other stand trigger shenanigans. Master Fraud is a confirmed +3000 boost when boosted by a Megacolony so yeah.

And that's just about it. I want to add Death Warden but it's unrealistic in this kind of deck. It also adds more restriction to the type of boost I need. But Death Warden is cool nonetheless.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some FAQ regarding BT04

I found this on a facebook group, so I thought I'd share. Expect a long post

Dimension Police Clan analysis / Deck Profile of my current DP deck

Dimension Police is a new clan that is introduced in BT04 which is equipped with the option to use the search/Ride mechanic. The clan is obviously known for giving power boosts to their units and getting the +1 critical and other effects as VG when certain conditions are met.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Promise Daughter: OTT's Blackie

Promise Daughter
Grade 2/Oracle Think Tank - Human/9000 Power/5000 Shield
Auto (Vanguard/Rearguard): [Select 1 "Oracle Think Tank" in your hand and discard it]. When this Unit attacks, you can pay the cost. During this Battle, this Unit gains 5000 Power.

Promise Daughter, which has good synergy with the draw nature of OTT, is enough to compensate for their absence in BT04. Along with CEO Amaterasu, MeteorBreak Wizard and Silent Tom, Oracle Think Tank Decks are power decks to be even more feared in the future (not to mention nice art). Time to spam Extra packs for her and ZANBAKU (which also has an awesome art) at AFA 8D .

Just a small note for the card which shows most promise in the upcoming Extra Pack.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Deck Profile: Nubatama-Kagero Rush

Here's a treat to you Nubatama lovers

Deck Name: Nubatama-Kagero Rush

4 Dragonic Overlord
3 Stealth Dragon Void Master

4 Dragon Knight Nehalem
4 Berserk Dragon
3 Stealth Beast Chigasumi

4 Embodiment of Armor, Bahr
3 Dragon Monk Genjou
3 Stealth Dragon, Dread Master
3 Demonic Dragon Guru Kinnala
2 Demonic Dragon Madonna Joka

4 Demonic Dragon Mage Raksha (Critical)
4 Embodiment of Spear, Tahr (Critical)
4 Blu-Ray DracoKid (Critical)
4 Dragon Monk Genjou (Heal)
1 Lizard Soldier Conroe(FV)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nova-Grappler Draw Deck

It's gonna be a week more to the release of BT04, and I've been testing a hipster build of NovaGrappler around Byond. Basically it's a draw deck which revolve around these:


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Master Fraud and the DI-SoulCharge Engine

The MegaColony clan is initially and more known for their ability to prevent the opponent's units from standing during their Stand Phase. It is very effective in stopping units that does not have "Intercept" or cripple their boost to buy yourself more time. I'll be looking into one of their key cards that might reveal a different playstyle for MegaColony players in the future (BT04 getting massive boosts for this clan).

Master Fraud's first ability is that when your attack hits and you have a Megacolony Vanguard, you can SB3 to draw 1 card. Quite cool as compared to the usual CB2 to get the card gain, and reserving counterblast usage for something else. When coupled with a base clan with a strong Soul-Charge mechanic (Tsukuyomi/Pale-Moon/Dark-Irregulars), his ability can be quite promising.

Master Fraud's second ability is that as Vanguard, when it is boosted by a MegaColony Unit, it gets a +3000 boost. It further compliments the first ability, making effective pushes to the opponent's units with high power while provoking with the ability of an extra draw.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Shadow Paladin Shenanigans : Skull Witch Nevan and the PBD synergy

Skull Witch Nevan
Grade 2/Shadow Paladin/3000/5000/Intercept/1
Auto【R】[Counterblast (1), Discard 1 «Shadow Paladin»] 
When you call this unit into the RG zone you may pay the cost. If paid, draw 2 cards.

Awesome +1 at CB1. The low cost is really handy. Though not broken due to her base stat of 3000 (put it in the vanguard circle and you can simulate Stil Vampire's effect xD) and the possibility of drawing a trigger. Still, this deck thinning mechanism is good nonetheless. Luckily she is a Grade 2, at least she will not stuck in the rear guard. Of course, as a rear guard, she is bait to stuff like Dragonic Overlord/Apollon/Libra etc. When used right, it is scary. Now it is easier to use the next card.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Deck Profile: Dark-Irregular-Kagero Haste

I've come up with this solution to improve my Grade 1 haste Deck. Kinda obvious from the number of Grade 1's I've played here.

Dark-Irregular-Kagero Haste

3 Edel Rose
4 Demon Eater

4 Werewolf Sieger
3 HighSpeed Brakki

4 Embodiment of Armor, Bahr
4 Dragon Monk Gojo
4 Iron Tail Dragon
4 Prisoner Beast

4 Lizard Soldier Conroe
4 Cursed Doctor
4 Blitz Ritter
4 Blue-Ray Dracokid
4 Embodiment of Spear, Tahr

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tourney report: 30/09/2011 Lorong AhSoo

Venue: Active Games (Lorong AhSoo)
Time: 6pm - 10pm (could've been 9 but friends wanna fight for TD)
Date: 30/09/2011
Deck Used: Kagero

Since on 1/10/2011, Tokura Misaki's seiyuu will pay a visit to Active Games, I negotiate with the shop owner to put the trial decks as a prize. Since we can only get the signature from her by buying a Misaki TD, I might as well target for a free sign.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kagero Draw Engine and Crit-Based Grappler

I'll be featuring the winner of one of the tourney's in Japan (after the restriction of Barkgal). 

 ◆優勝:タナカさん デッキ名:のう"ぁかげろう

4 Asura Kaiser
3 Death Metal Droid
3 Genocide joker

3 Death Army Lady
2 Magician Girl Killala
4 Genocide Jack

2 Flames of Hope, Aermo
3 Dragon Monk Gojou
4 Embodiment of Armor, Bahr
2 Twin Blader 

3 Death Army Guy

4 Lizard Soldier Ganlu (醒)
4 Battle Riser (醒)
4 Red Lightning (☆)
4 Round Girl Clara (Heal)
1 Lizard Soldier Conroe (VG Start)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blue Scale Deer: WTF

Having a CB2 for a draw is quite a standard for OTT (Libra/Apollon), since the CB limitation is there but a SB to draw is already enough of a mindfuck for the opponent since soul is only limited to the number of cards in your deck. Even for a 15/16k setup, this thing just rips. CEO/Psychic Bird/Tsukuyomi can stock up the soul so it wont be a problem to trigger the effect. Though nerfed with a mere 8000 power and a "attack must hit" condition, it doesn't stop it from being a troll. Here is a breakdown:

If the defending player blocks:
- Attacking player:" Oh okay, you'l get a -1 for now. I'll keep this up till you let me draw a card TROLOLOL"
- Attacking player: "You blocked my attack. It's okay, I have CEO as a vanguard, my soul's just gonna get bigger and bigger. Later you'll see 2 deers instead of 1. Lets see if you'll block everything (ノ*゜▽゜*)ノ"

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thoughts on Promo Pack 3 Cards

Discard a RP to get +5000. With a Stand trigger, this thing will be 20000. Prepare to see Stand Paladin roaming around when this card comes out. At the cost of -1, it'll make the opponent drop another 5000(1 card) to block his attack. Not broken

Thoughts on BT04 preview

Nova Grappler

I have to say that the addition of Stern Blaukruger will give rise to a totally new (or rather ,extremely overlooked NG build) I've heard a couple of people brushing off this card as useless, but think about it.

When I attack, I'll do a twin drive, gaining a +2 from the additional +1 from Draw Phase(overall +3 so far). If the attack hits, I can CB2 to stand my [VG and RG support] while discarding 2 cards , a -2, to attack again, gaining another +1. So in the end it becomes: 2+1-2+1 = +2 card advantage instead of the usual +3 card advantage.

Pale Moon: Breaking patterns

With the addition of the new promo, PM players are in for a treat

With this you can now set up your Bunny/Alice combos by exchanging them with useless cards (most of the time they're draw triggers). You can also send CBT to the soul to meet the requirement for +3000 for various PM cards. Another plus factor would be it's good art

I've questioned the need for Crimson Beast Tamer in a Pale Moon Deck on a Facebook page and am not surprised that more than 80% agreed that CBT is an essential for a Pale Moon Deck. Mickey decided to mod a Pale Moon, including the new promo, of a friend and we playtested it. Despite the drop in power, the deck is surprisingly easy to use (ofc u need a certain amount of luck for essential cards to go to the soul) and you don't have to worry about putting CBT into the soul.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Continued the Last Game of Fate

September 6 2011, 8 30pm (GMT +8)

[CS] Shirosaki faces-off [FT] Mickey for the last game of fate...

Mickey rolled 2, Shiro rolled 6 (Shiro start first)
Mickey Mulligan 3 cards (lack of G3 :P), Shiro Mulligan 3 cards(lack of unknow gradeo.o)

*Damage is written in Mickey-Shiro

Online Tourney Report :) - 6/9/2011 StrykerDragoon's CF Tournament Series 2011 Qualifier Numero Uno

To start up, I shall post today's morning tourney report^^.

Venue: Online VG (Cardfight Capital)
Time: 4am - 8am (very early and very long-.-)
Entry Fee: -nil-
Participants: 36
Format: 8 random players chosen to play for first round >>> cut to top 32
From then, Single elimination to last 4 players
After that, Round robin between the semi-finalist
Deck use: Oracle Think Tank :P

Hey peopleXD

I am Mickey, a friend of psychosnake XD

Similar to Psychosnake, I will be posting comments and views on different clan and cards. Do post comments and your views^^. I will also be posting tourneys' reports^^

I also playing in online VG (Cardfight Capital), I am known as Mickey93 and is a member of team FT :). Do say hi to me if you see me online^^.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Tourney report: 20/08/2011 STGCC Dark Rebellion Emperor Cup

Didn't manage to post any recent material due to work/ACME/STGCC/hari raya preparations etc. So this is considered a very delayed post

Venue: Suntec Convention Hall
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Entry fee: $0
Participants: 29
Format: Double Elimination - 6 Round Swiss
Deck Used: Spike Brothers

4 Juggernaut Maximum
4 Sky Diver

4 MVP Panther
4 Panzer Gali
4 Hi-Speed Blackie

4 Wonder Boy
3 Dudley Dan
3 Cyclone Blitz
3 Cheer Girl Marilyn

1 Mecha Trainer
16 generic Spike Brother tirggers

I didn't add any General Seyfried or any Devil summoners as their effects are too sacky imo. I didn't see the need to put any more luck based elements to my deck. Detailed explanation in a separate post.

I was an hour and a half early for the tournament. Walked around the convention hall and look at the stuff there (Kamen Rider cosplay so cool imo). I eventually got glued to the Dragon Nest exhibition lol. Met a couple of guys who frequent Hougang card shop often (Allan, Misaki etc.)

Match 1: Allan - Pale Moon
I registered for the tournament a number later than him. When the pairings are up, players are paired according to their numbers (1 vs 2, 3 vs 4 etc.) He was no.20 while i was no.21. Oh well. He played fairly well. Towards the end, he had Manticore as VG and 2 other RG (cant remember) with 3 Midnight bunny as support and he attacked normally without triggering the effects. I blocked most of them though. At the end of the match, he revealed that the deck is his friends' and he doesn't know how to play Pale Moon.

Match 2: Zess - Pale Moon
He ended up with Robert as VG and had 7 souls stocked with 4 damage. I attacked the VG and prayed for a critical. One popped up amongst 3-4 attacks and target the RG to prevent him from getting 5 damage. We manage to stall for quite a bit till he has no hand and drive check 2 Nightmare Doll Alice. Took the game form there. Good game though.

Match 3: Shawn - Grand Blue
He shuffled and draw his cards without me chopping his deck. His deck has so much foils that they are popping out from his deck. Won by looking at the top of his deck lol.

Match 4: Ivan - Spike Brother
By right I should've lost this match. I was planning to deal only 2 damage to him on the first turn but in the end got a crit. He pulled off a 2nd turn Dudley Dan/Juggernaut Maximum beat and pushed me to 5 damage in his 3rd turn. Used Dudley Dan to turn my 5k guards to 10k guards and played steadily. On my first twin drive, I managed to get a double crit while the opponent is at 4 damage. He was prepared to guard when I have only 1 trigger, but he could not do anything to a double crit. Luck on my part. Still, good game imo.

Match 5: Joel - Grand Blue
A decent Grand blue player who has a habit to overextend for every turn he manages to attack. He manages to get a double critical on me, but I have to keep calm. I pushed him with 20k+ attacks late game and finished off with Juggernaut/Blackie at 20k+ each.

Match 6: Nicholas (Misaki) - Spike Brother
If I won the match, I would've won the tournament, but I've lost. He restrained himself by dealing 2 damage at his first attacking turn and pulled off a Devil Summoner , superior calling an MVP Panther and pushed me form there with the +1. A reason for my loss would be that my offense couldn't keep up with his attempt to deplete my hand as I was playing defensively, while making small effective attacks to his VG/RG mid-game. Good game imo

On to top 4

Match 7: Abel - Spike Brother
There is a limit to what I can do against luck. He got a double critical at his first twin drive and the following turn, General Seyfried activates his effect to Call Juggernaut Maximum for game. I guarded and calculated that if he gets a trigger/grade 3, it would be game for me.

Overall, I got fourth and Misaki got 3rd. He insists that he gets the 3rd position because he beat me lol.

Promo: Omni Science Madonna (I wanted anything but this ;/)

Thoughts on dark zone:
I have yet to see any consistent dark irregular players, though stil vampire builds have lots of potential. I've seen lots of decent grand blue players. No comments about spike brother players atm.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

For a change of pace

I'll be accepting requests on what you guys want me to write about. Though I have my own writing material, it would be a good change of pace to write for the sake of clearing your doubts about anything related to vanguard/ for the sake of others.

Some examples would be:
Talk about clan analysis/strategies/suggestions
Vanguard anime review etc

or you can ask me anything, really. Kind of a plan to bring myself and the viewers of this blog close lol

Do reply at the chatbox (no spam pls) or simply reply to this post. :)

Tourney Report: 14/08/2011 at Auntie Elsie Shop

Venue: Auntie Elsie Shop
Entry Fee: $1
Participants: 30+
Deck Used: 12 - Critical Kagero

This time, I'm testing out how good 12 critical Kagero is.

Match 1: Wei Yao - Kagero
We both agreed before the match that the one who gets more crits wins. For the whole match, he got only 1 crit and i only got 1 heal but I still win lol. I got Overlord as my vanguard and his executioners have no effect on me so yeah. 11k vg ftw.

Match 2: Paladin
At the end of the match, he revealed that he had a trigger hand as the match dragged on, though he did not misride. Use barkgal every turn and Pongal for SSD search. IMO he played very well, maintaining hand size and field advantage with Flogals. I was probably lucky. Overall good game

Match 3: Leslie - Kagero
I start second for the third time. My dice fails me. Though because of that, I managed to deal 3 damage in the first turn because of a crit and Lourdes 9k attack. I pressured him for game later on.

Match 4: Elson - Nova Grappler
I rushed him on Grade 1. He rushed me on Grade 2. His Asura Kaiser/ Death Army combo is quite devastating but he did not trigger any grade 3s. He made a misplay as he heard that my vanguard+support = 15k while he has a 11k vanguard and thus he only guarded with 10k. I got a critical trigger and won from there. Sacky from both parties.

Match 5: Joe - Paladin
He was sighing throughout the match as he kept drawing triggers. At 3 damage, he declared no guard and I managed to get a double critical. The shop went rowdy from there lol. Lucky on my part

I don't know why there was a sixth round before semi's but yeah. Prolly revival round hax0rs for some players.

Match 6: Sebas - Tsukuyomi OTT
He managed to ride all the way to Grade 3 Tsukuyomi and I knew I was in trouble. Throughout, I made a mixture of attacks to vanguard and rear guard, thanks to Lourdes and him having half moon as vg. Can't remember much from there but I remember winning by critical trigger lol.


Match 7: Elson Nova Grappler
I was stuck at grade 2 and he rushed me at grade 1. I tried my best to drag the game till he had 5 damage but there's a limit to what you can do with grade 2s. Lost by advantage from here. (He attacked me 5 times on the first turn)

In conclusion, I have to fight Wei Yao again and he agreed to let me take 3rd place since it's a long day. I managed to pull a RR lol!

So $1 = Madonna + RR. Not that bad lol

And here's the deck that I've used for the tourney

12-Crit Kagero:

4 Dragonic Overlord
4 Dragonic Exectioner

4 Dragon Knight Nehalem
4 Dragon Armored Knight
4 Berserk Dragon

4 EoA Bahr
4 Flame Dancer Lourdes
3 Wyvern Guard Barryi
2 Dragon Monk Gojou

1 Lizard Runner Conroe
4 EoS Tahr
4 Blue Ray DracoKid
4 Demonic Dragon Monk Raksha
4 Dragon Monk Genjou

The MVPs of the deck are probably Dragonic Overlord (duh), Dragonic Executioner and Flame Dancer Lourdes. The grade 3's allow me to not worry about 11k vanguard as opposition and Flame Dancer Lourdes allows early damage and forces the opponent to overextend, which will be in my favour for my second turn. Counterblast usage-wise is most reserved for Berserk Dragon (for advantage) and Dragon Armored Knight (meeting perfect number setups). Overlord's CB3 is rarely used here and only used it to bait out the Isolde's/Barryi etc.

My opinion:
12 crit is strong .Kinda proven with a 6-1 i got on the tourney. But it's up to you to play it or not because I feel that 12 critical can make you depend too much on the critical trigger to win and thus, it may cloud your judgment during the game. Nevertheless, it's a good deck to pressure the opponent with critical and attacks from all sides (Overlord cb/Backrow rape...yeah, no escape)

I'll be restricting myself to 4 triggers each as a sort of training for Kagero.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dragonic Waterfall Hype

Dragonic Waterfowl
Grade 3/Kagero/Power 10,000/No Shield
Auto 【V】 When this Unit attacks a Vanguard, during that battle, this Unit gains +3000.
Auto 【V】 [Choose 1 Grade 3 Kagero Unit card from your hand and discard it] When this Unit attacks a Vanguard, you may pay the cost. After that, during that battle, this Unit gains +10000.

The card which is getting quite an attention to many vanguard players, mainly because of the +10000 power. With 12 crits + this vanguard, Kagero decks might be able to shine (probably after the ban of Barkgal) The +10000 attack can be negated using Barryi, Isolde etc but it's not all the time the opponent can draw into them.

Without support, it can potentially go up to 23000 when activating his effect, and with at least a 7000 support, he can potentially go up to at least 30000 in attack power. Without using his ability, he can go up to 21000, a good number for attacking the vanguard. And the support is easily accessible through the use of Conroe.

*Time to test the card*

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Brocade Shenanigans

The "what seems to be a generic" Kagero card in BT02 is now a guaranteed arsenal (second to Overlord of course) in my kagero decks from now on. I even have a deck centered around Brocade since he is good.

Backrow Rape
A primary Kagero trait is to kill units/support so that the opponent needs to bring out more units on the following turn, thus making opp lose hand. With Brocade, on the turn you ride him, use Tejas/Berserk Dragon/ DDGKinnala to get rid of units supporting >10000 units as without support, they cannot hit the vanguard. They'll be tempted to add another boost unit to support it or make do by targeting a rear guard.

Locking shenanigans
By splashing in Megacolony cards such as Lady Bomb(highly recommended), Karma Queen and Hell Spider(not recommended, but you can try), you can lock the opponent's rear guards without having to worry about them using their intercept ability. Another trick would be to cripple supports behind front RG/VG so that their attack is crippled as well. Imagine Knight of truth , Gordon is supported by a Marron, and you used the ability on his Marron. his gordon will be a dead card during his next turn and he'll be tempted to replace Gordon/Marron to maintain attack. If that happens, you do realise that Lady Bomb just became a Blaster Blade/Berserk Dragon? Another trick would be to rest his RG supporting his VG so that his VG wouldn't be a threat next turn. Use Lady Bomb's intercept to save hand size when guarding. Then again, if he decided to maintain attack by retiring his rested unit, congrats you have achieved Blaster Blade/Berserk Dragon effect!

Without Brocade, megacolony's rest effect is only effective against grade 1 or 3 units. With Brocade, all units are a viable target.

Forcing Advantage
Stealth Dragon, Void Master caught my eye when I first got it, due to his effect and art (well, most of it is art) but I didn't manage to utilise it till BT02 came out. When a boosted Void Master (RG) hits the Rear guard, he'll either guard or get hit by the attack. If hit, Void Master's ability kicks in, giving the opponent a -2. He'll have no choice but to guard. With the help of Brocade, no funky stuff like S-Special Intercept (stupid term imo) can be made and he is limited to guarding with his hand. So either way, there will be at least a -1 for the opponent's hand.

At your third turn, and if you've been playing advantage all this time, this means that the opponent doesn't have much damage on him. Use a boosted Void Master and attack the vanguard. He'll either take 1 damage and lose 1 card or lose 1 card by guarding. Note that this is when you are rushing the opponent and you will probably rush your units out, making your hand size smaller than the opponent in most cases.

During late game, the opponent would let the attack go as attacks targeting the vanguard are more threatening. After the twin drive, if you managed to get a stand trigger and you still have less cards than the opponent, attack the rear guard (most preferably a 10000) with a 14000. He'll have no choice but to drop a 5000 guard (most of the time a Grade 1/2).

Power-up after twin drive
As the opponent is limited to guarding with his hand, it is no surprise that you'll eventually have more cards than him after the twin drive. With cards such as Gandolf and Chigasumi, their abilities shine here. With Iron tail Dragon CB2, a 20000 is assured late game.

With Brocade, you can possibly push the opponent to a corner and slowly beat him to death. Though not recommended for a person who recently starts vanguard, it's a deck worth trying out. If you're not the patient type, you can also try 12 critical triggers (kagero-based) to double critical him to death lol.